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* the language of stones *

Red gems can make us feel rich and abundant. Orange gems enhance our creativity and sensuality. Yellow gems relate to our feelings of happiness, our will and our mind. Green gems speak to growth, change, healing and love. Blue gems brings us peace and help us to shine. Purple gems fuel our vision and dreams. Crystal gems brings clarity and light. Sterling Silver puts us in touch with our yin and our receptivity. Gold filled brings us in touch with our yang, lighting our inner fire. Click on the individual stones for a link to pieces embued with its magical properties.

Picture of Abalone


Abalone heals the heart and holds the energy of the divine mother; it is a wonderful salve for soothing the wounds of time, helping us to flow and open to the gifts of the world.

Picture of Agate


Agate stone is for connection to the earth and the ability to see clearly your situation. It wiill assist you in making decisions. A premier stone of protection, agate can ward off negative energy and bad dreams. Holly blue Agate has all the qualities of agate, plus it is a highly spiritual stone for learning and growing on the psychic levels. 

Picture of Amazonite


Amazonite is a stone of Hope and dreams coming true; it can also calm down the nerves and help to balance our masculine and feminine energy. An ocean inspired stone that assists artists in their creativity and promotes kindness.

Picture of Amethyst


 Amethyst puts us in touch with the energetic forces that are here to protect us, allowing our prayers to be heard; it is a spiritual stone that can help us to accept and love the parts of ourselves that we judge, bringing calmness and balance to our demeanor. Use amethyst to break addiction, or to relieve the body of sleep disorders.  This stone works on the sixth and seventh chakra. Along with the other characteristics of Amethyst, pink Amethyst will open the heart chakra, and increase our level of heartfelt love and compassion; it is a very successful stone for emotional clearing and healing. 

Picture of Ametrine


 Ametrine is a blend of two stones for twice the power, combining the protection and guidance of spirit found in Amethyst, with the strength and will, mental clarity and abundant attraction of Citrine.

Picture of Andalucite


Andalucite is known as the "seers stone" and can help us to look within for how and why we are creating the situations in our lives. It enhances our memory and our ability to recall the past, assisting us to find balance within daily world. 

Picture of Apatite


 Apapite is an earthy stone of good health and virility, physical grounding, and opening the heart.  It can remove negativity and awaken us to truth that will assist the greater good; it was used in the olden days to suppress the appetite. Cleanses the auric field and the mind, allowing us to see things from many levels; a highly spiritual and psychic stone.

Picture of Aquamarine


Aquamarine bestows clarity; it can assist us in saying what we mean, and meaning what we say. This sparkly gem clears our mind and can relieve tension; it promotes creativity and be protective and nurturing. A premier stone of communication.

Picture of Carnelian


The gemstone Carnelian enhances our courage, and strengthens our leadership abilities. Working on the physical body, carnelian can jump start us when we feel apathetic, give us purpose and direction, dare us to create and engage. It will support business dealings when we are striving for a dream or working with in an environment with others, and can assist us to speak and write clearly so that our message is heard. Highly protective, it will guard against accidents. 

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