adorning aphrodite is..

“I am committed to handcrafting jewellery that resonates with the power of the natural world. Each piece can bring its owner into a deeper relationship with the magic of the Universe and has the potential to empower them to manifest their dreams.”
 ~Ashley Laux
Adorning Aphrodite Jewellery is original; no two pieces are exactly alike. Handcrafted of sterling silver and 14k gold-filled wire, semi-precious stones come alive with positive thoughtful intention. Delicate and powerful, elegant and magical.....each piece is designed to inspire the soul.
Ashley Laux, the artist who creates Adorning Aphrodite jewellery, has been working with stones and symbols all her life.  Nature is the magical, majestic, and sometimes maddening muse that continually inspires new awareness and fuels her creativity.
By combining her love of the Earth with her extensive knowledge of the symbols and the stars, Ashley creates each piece of jewellery to be a one-of-a-kind treasure that assists her clients in creating specific changes they wish to see in their lives.
Ashley currently resides part-time in Costa Rica, and spends the remainder of the year traveling the world, seeking out the sacred spots and sharing her creations and her knowledge of the celestial world.