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Each piece of Adorning Aphrodite jewellery is related to one or more of the chakras, a system of 7 primary centers that run from the bottom to the top of the body.  


These unseen points relate to the energy field that surrounds us and can be used to strengthen different mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. 


They put us in touch with our energetic body, teaching us how to manage any moods that arise or reactions to given circumstances, bringing us into greater balance within.

The 1st chakra, also known as the root chakra, relates to our tailbone and feet, grounding us and illuminating the issue of survival. 

It vibrates a strong red color, and symbolizes that we feel at home in the physical world. 

When the root chakra is healthy, we feel that our basic needs are being met; we can stand up for ourselves and we do not worry for our security; we know that we are supported, cared for, and that we can trust in Life. 

It is possible to nourish our first chakra by exercising, gardening and doing other earth centered activities, breathing deeply and soaking in the zest for life. 

Wear spicy scents, surround yourself with warm tones and hues, and fill your world with brilliant red gemstones that enhance feelings of protection, grounding, support, strength, security and abundance.

The 2nd chakra, also known as the sexual chakra, relates to the lower abdomen and the reproductive organs. 

A healthy second chakra vibrates a strong orange color and  can assist us in honoring and owning our feelings.  

When our second chakra is strong, we trust our instincts and our intuition; we feel confident in our sexuality and playful in our sensuality. 

It is possible to nourish the second chakra by indulging our senses, spending time in or near the water, wearing sweet scents and getting drunk on the nectar of the flower’s. 

Eat scrumptious foods, indulge in sensual pleasures, and surrounding yourself with juicy orange gemstones that enhance feelings of sensuality, creativity, courage, emotional and physical safety.

The 3rd chakra, also known as the solar plexus chakra, relates to the stomach area and the core of the physical body.

A healthy solar plexus chakra will be a vibrant yellow color, empowering us to own our place in the world.

It is in the third chakra that we know that we have the right to think for ourselves and to stand in our strength; our confidence is strong, we believe in our personal power, and our ability to achieve our goals. 

It is possible to nourish the third chakra by learning new things, reading and writing, playing with numbers, doing the crossword or anything that will enhance your brilliance.

Soak in the sunshine, cleanse your body, wear citrus oils, and surround yourself with bright yellow gemstones that enhance feelings of inner strength, willpower, financial abundance, and mental acuity.

The 4th chakra, also known as the heart chakra, relates to the center of the chest and vibrates an emerald green color.  

The heart chakra can help us to understand our relationships with others, ourselves and the world at large. 

A healthy heart chakra has learned self-love, compassion for others, the ability to forgive, and the courage to be emotionally honest and vulnerable. 

If your heart chakra is strong, you know you have the right to love, to open yourself up and to be vulnerable.

You believe you are worthy of receiving love, affection, and support from others.

It is possible to nourish the fourth chakra by spending intimate time with others, walking in nature and breathing in the greenery, drinking and eating vegetables, wearing pine, mint and eucalyptus oils. 

Surrounding yourself with vibrant green gemstones that enhance feelings of love, receptivity and emotional nourishment, as well as enhance the ability to give and receive affection.

The 5th chakra, also known as the throat chakra, relates to our neck and throat area. 


A healthy 5th chakra vibrates a brilliant blue and supports our self-expression. 

When you have a strong throat chakra you know that you have the right to speak and be heard; you feel that your beliefs and your personal truth are important, you can plan, and follow through with your endeavors; you have learned to trust that things will work out, feeling loyalty to yourself, to others and to your purpose; It is here that we awaken to our beauty and Shine. 

Nourish the throat chakra with creative writing, artistic appreciation, play-acting and wearing colorful clothing; sing, using your vocal chords to express and move through your emotions or engage in meaningful conversation. 

Wear chamomile and other blue oils, and surround yourself with aqua blue gemstones that enhance feelings of confidence, artistic creativity, and clear communication.

The 6th chakra, also known as the third eye, vibrates a twilight indigo blue color and is located directly in between the eyes. 

When we have a healthy third eye, we can trust our vision, we know that we can sense what is happening in our world on a grand scale; we feel in charge of the direction of our life and are using our intuition to assist us along our path. 

Here we relate our life experiences, good and bad, to our path of self-realization; we use this awareness to let go of negative beliefs that block our path. 

It is possible to nourish the sixth chakra by meditating and working with the angels, guardians and guides, learning “tools” for self exploration and personal growth, spending time outside at night and enjoy the stars, wearing musky scents, and surround ourselves with deep blue gemstones that enhance intuition and promote inner vision.

The 7th chakra, also known as the crown chakra, is located at the top of the head. 

A healthy crown chakra vibrates the colors violet fading into white light and has a direct relationship with higher consciousness and Spirit. 

When our crown chakra is aligned, we trust that life will lead us to where we need to go, we believe in a higher power that is holding a balanced relationship between the sacred and the mundane.  

It is here that we can learn to honor large and unseen cycles and rhythms, becoming an integrated member of the Universe. 

Spend time engaging in spiritual thought and/or activity, seeking out deeper understanding, awareness, and clarity. 

Nourish the seventh chakra by listening to the messages in your dreams, attending or engaging in spiritual service or ritual, writing down your intentions or creating a vision board. 

Wear floral scents such as lavender and jasmine and surround your being with clear and light filled gemstones that enhance your spiritual awareness and connection.

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