The Language of Stones

Abalone holds the energy of the divine mother and works to heal the heart. It is a wonderful salve for soothing the wounds of time and can help us to go with the flow, opening to the gifts of the world.
Agate connects us to the earth and helps us to see our situation more clearly; very useful in making decisions. It is a premier stone of protection and can be used to ward off negative energy and bad dreams.
Amazonite is a stone of hope and that can assist dreams in coming true. It is helpful in balancing the masculine and feminine energies and can be used to calm the nervous system. It assists artists in their creative process and promotes loving kindness.
Amethyst puts us in touch with the energetic forces that are here to protect us and assists our prayers in being heard. It is a spiritual stone that can help us to accept and love the parts of ourselves that we judge, bringing calmness and balance to our demeanor. Use Amethyst to break addictions or to relieve the body of sleep disorders.
Ametrine is a blend of two stones for twice the power, combining the protection and guidance of spirit found in Amethyst, with the strength and will, mental clarity and abundant attraction of Citrine.
Andalucite is known as the "seers stone" and can help us to look within for how and why we are creating the situations in our lives. It enhances our memory and our ability to recall the past, assisting us to find balance within daily world.
Apatite is an earthy stone of good health and virility, physical grounding, and opening the heart. It can remove negativity and awaken us to truth that will assist the greater good; it was used in the olden days to suppress the appetite. Can help us to cleanse the auric field and the mind, allowing us to see things from many levels; a highly spiritual and psychic stone.
Aquamarine bestows clarity; it can assist us in saying what we mean, and meaning what we say. This sparkly gem clears our mind and can relieve tension; it promotes creativity and be protective and nurturing. A premier stone of communication.
The gemstone Carnelian enhances our courage, and strengthens our leadership abilities. Working on the physical body, Carnelian can jump start us when we feel apathetic, give us purpose and direction, dare us to create and engage. It will support business dealings when we are striving for a dream or working in an environment with others, and can assist us to speak and write clearly so that our message is heard. Highly protective, it will guard against accidents.
All the colors of Chalcedony are good for peace of mind and gentleness of spirit, enhancing goodwill and positivity between people; it is also helpful in dispelling negativity and increasing energy.
Blue aids in calm, honest communication. Relieves mental anxiety. Physically healing. Good for circulation. Enhances Intuition. Protective.
Green soothes the heart chakra. Aids in emotional honesty. Enhances emotional stability. Creates hope.
Orange jumpstarts the libido, awakens desire.
Chrysoprase is a stone for the emotions, helping us to find forgiveness and peace. Use this stone to fill your movements with grace, and to heal a broken heart; It carries a strong masculine protective energy that can allow our feminine side to feel secure and cared for. Awakens new hope, new life and new joy within.
Citrine is a stone of inner will that can strengthen the intellect. It is called the “merchants stone”, for its ability to draw financial abundance to the wearer. Citrine can fill you life with joy and optimism. One of only a handful of gems in the mineral kingdom that will not pick up negative energy.
A highly protective gemstone, Flourite promotes discipline, discernment, and inner strength; a great stone for releasing negative energy, it can calm the mind and emotions, fostering emotional maturity and inner strength in the wearer.
Garnet can be worn for enhancing prosperity and receiving the abundant gifts of mother Earth; it has been known to promote the feeling of being taken care of, and of having your needs met. It can also stimulate the bodies circulation and ground the wearer. Known as the “stone of Health”.
Tsavorite Garnet- Green garnet is a stone of prosperity and wealth; it magnetically attracts financial flow. Has proved useful in healing arthritis and issues relating to the hormones.
Jade is a stone of prosperity and good luck; it can be fantastic for attracting good fortune. A great stone for dream recall and a willingness to hold nature in the highest regard, awakening the wearer to recieve abundance from the surrounding world.
Jasper will help us to re-member our lives, bringing ourselves into deeper alignment with our truest origins; it can give us the courage we need to speak out, create changes, overcome addictions, and gather strength to face obstacles. A highly spiritual stone, Jasper can connect you to the rhythms of the Earth that are in resonance with the surrounding Universe.
Kyanite is a premier stone and one of only a few stones in the gem and mineral kingdom that will never pick up any negative energy. Kyanite can clean out, align and activate the chakra energy centers of the body without any conscious direction from the user; it aids us in building inner bridges, so that we can learn what is truly in our heart. Can remove headaches.
Very protective to the aura, Labradorite can ground spiritual energy into the physical body; it will keep you focused on the path and confident in your ability to achieve you goals. Golden Labradorite- can sharpen the mind, and clear the intellect. Blue Labradorite- will awaken the third eye and ground stellar energies. All Labradorite can assist in the comprehension of higher spiritual concepts and the communication of spiritual truth.
Lapis, a stone of the high priest, carries the vibration of integrity, wisdom and self-confidence; it is a very powerful stone and should be used with clear intentions. Lapis can open chakras and cleanse and heal the body if directed to do so. Will naturally provide a protective layer of royal blue energy around the aura, building confidence and protecting the wearer from negative energies.
Moonstone is a good luck amulet for healing emotional turmoil and tuning into the moons cyclical nature; it can be highly protective during activities in, on, or near the water. It has been known to help lovers to reunite; an excellent stone for meditation, and for deepening understanding of oneself. Connects the wearer to the feminine receptive principle.
A stone of good luck, Opal can build a bridge over troubled waters to the pot of gold on the other side. It works to amplify your positive qualities and can be used for protection and calming the energy field. Peruvian Blue Opal- will soothe the emotions and assist the awakening of the light blue colored higher heart chakra. Pink Peruvian Opal- is a stone of love and kindness. It acts like a glass of Champagne, easing us through transition and helping us to loosen up and live a little.
Pearls are known to symbolize purity and trust. They are the only precious gem born out of suffering and adversity, which makes them one of the most healing gifts available today. Working to sooth the ebb and flow of our emotions, Pearl assist us in releasing what no longer serves and help us to forgive the past, fostering new hope and new love our lives.
Peridot is a stone of joy and laughter, love, faithfulness, and loyalty. It will facilitate growth and newness in your life and can be called on to ward off negative energy.
Prehnite is a gentle stone that will calm your mind and assist you in meditation; it canl open you to receive new and loving connections with others. It has been known to awaken a deeper acceptance within and help us to feel content in our lives.
Quartz is miraculous stone that can clear, activate, absorb, balance, increase, transmute, and focus energy. It will remove negative energy from your space and revive a worn out system; it can enhance spiritual development and protect from unwanted outside influences. It is used for healing and to amplify the intentions; it naturally strengthens all the systems of the body.
Rose Quartz- For love and self-acceptance. Opens the heart, promotes peace and kindness. The stone of marriage.
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