Goddess Dictionary

The Goddess is a female being of supreme energy, and goddesses in many forms, have been worshipped for centuries around the world. Each culture has numerous female deities that were prayed to and called upon in times of need. Adorning Aphrodite jewelry is created to resonate with the power of these Goddesses, infusing your life with their infinite gifts of empowerment.

The Roman Goddess Abundantia magnetizes good fortune and prosperity into our lives. Abundantia embodies the qualities of success, abundance, and the overflowing wealth that is constantly showered upon us, which we can open to receive. She asks us to release fear of lack and honor the reality of an infinite supply of wealth and good fortune within the universe. Call on Abundantia to fill your creative flow with lightheartedness and joy, showering you with the gifts of the Universe.
Aine is a Celtic Goddess and Faery Queen, also known as the Lady of the Lake. A dual goddess, she represents both the vital qualities of love and light found within the sun, and the reflective energies of the moon. Her determination and zest for life brought her great wealth, and she can generously shower good fortune upon all who seek her aid. Her relationship with the waters denotes her ability to assist in healing. Call on Aine to bring your greatest wishes into being.
Greek Goddess Aphrodite can be found in all truly romantic moments. Her gift is the gift of Love. She can teach us how to find it, how to find ways to enrich it, how to honor it, how to express it, and how to make the best of it. Generous and kind, she teaches that there is always enough love to go around. Through her we can learn that love is so important and powerful, that the expression of love itself may be ultimate goal in this life; love for the sake of love.
The Greek goddess Artemis was given the job of illuminating the darkness, a huntress who ruled the forests and paid homage to the moon. She is a “Goddess of Light” who can teach us how to live independently, and truly enjoy it. Her rulership is over all of natures’ creatures and women in childbirth. She teaches how to be courageous and content in our freedom. Her powers can soothe and her compassion can help us learn to live life on our own terms.
The goddess Bastet hails from Egypt and can be called upon to strengthen and protect. Her message is that we are all royal beings and deserve to walk with pride. She teaches us how to honor our boundaries, and simultaneously be innocent and playful with others. She was known for her sensual nature, and will assist those who want to awaken to deeper levels of sexual fulfillment. Call upon Bastet whenever your life have become mundane. Ask her to help you own your power.
Butterfly Maiden
Butterfly Maiden is a vibrant goddess honored by the Native American culture, who shares with us the gifts of joy, hope, transformation, renewal and rebirth. Sensuality and creativity are expressed through her understanding of the constant movement and dynamic energy inherent in all things. Her representation of the numerous stages of existence can be called in at any point to instill us with peace and gratitude for the path we have chosen.
The Goddess Danu is the mother goddess of the Celtic lands, and her energy carries magic through the air we breathe, the waters that we drink, and the earth on which we stand. She embodies the lessons of knowledge and higher wisdom, wealth and prosperity, fertility, inspiration, divine heritage, divine truth, infinite potential and infinite possibility. Danu can assist us in transcendence of our lower self and alignment with our destiny, helping us to achieve our dreams.
The Norse goddess Freyja, queen of the Valkyries, is a bold and daring goddess. Her untamed nature offers much to us when we need to let down our hair and live a little. She rode upon a chariot pulled by two large blue cats that signify her independent thought, action, and alignment with clear and far-reaching vision. Call on Freyja to awaken your desires and to guide you in taking risks that support and align with your highest good; she can help you to feel the beauty and living within you.
Hathor is a multifaceted Egyptian Goddess, also known as the lady of heaven; goddess of the sky, the sun, the moon, the east, the west, and the underworld. We can call on her to make life more joyful, to enhance our world with music and dance, and to fill our hearts with love. She revels in the delights of humanity and can enhance any pursuit aligned with the pleasure principle; she believes that beauty comes from within, and can teach us how to enhance ourselves by living up to our potential.
The lunar goddess Isis hails from Egypt and is a divine mother goddess. She has such vast and far-reaching effects, that she is sometimes known as “the one who is all”. Her realm of magic encompasses healing and rebirth, worship and wisdom. Her greatest strength is her passion for our awakening, and the ascension of humanity. She embodies infinite love, grace, and healing, and can be called on to help make it through the tough times. Call on Isis when you seek healing and release.
Ixchel, also known as Xochiquetzal, is the Mayan and Aztec Goddess who embodies the abundant fruits of the earth. She rules over love, healing, fertility, childbirth, pleasure, and natural beauty. She inspires fine craftsmanship and excellence in the arts. She is called upon to help the crops grow, and support our continued effort to refine and transform our lives. Her energy can help us to shape and shift our destiny, as well as become clear about the webs in which we find ourselves entangled.
Kuan Yin
Kuan Yin is bodhisattva of the Buddhist religion, also known as the goddess of Mercy. Her gifts are for comfort and healing; Her dedication is to help us to forgive and to teach us compassion. She is a light of mercy during the hard times, or when our spiritual path has left us feeling disconnected from the life we used to know. She calls us to be devoted to our growth, and to finding love and compassion for others; Kuan Yin can help us feel satisfaction in being there for each other.
Lakshmi is the shining Hindu goddess of love, beauty, prosperity, and happiness. She is usually depicted standing in a lotus flower; a symbolic representation of her ability to increase our spiritual understanding, and promote peace in our lives. She embodies the principles of divine light and connection to Source energy; call on Lakshmi to infuse your life with good fortune, and fill your world with her many divine, joyful and nourishing qualities of the archetypal feminine.
The Goddess Mary is the name given to two remarkable women portrayed in the Judeo/Christian faiths, and I use the name Mary here to symbolize a marriage of their energies. Mother Mary represents the Madonna, the mother and the high priestess- the powerful healer, protector of women and children, and the force of unconditional love. Call on Mary to help you feel the power that is contained with every facet of your being. May she assist you in remembering that you are divine no matter what.
Nemetona is the ancient Celtic Goddess, who nurtures and cares for all sacred spaces. She can be found in the trees and the land, or simply reside over the most precious spaces within our heart. Allow Nemetona to assist you need to align your inner and outer world, when you wish to align the space around you with the manifestation of your desires, or when you wish to reshape your feelings and beliefs in order to fulfill your dreams. Give thanks to Nematoma for keeping your sacred pieces safe.
Oshun is the Yoruban goddess of beauty and intimate love. She resides over rivers and streams, and can teach us how to flow with our emotions- taking the highs and lows in stride. She is said to be the epitome of sweetness and kindness, with a generosity that knows no bounds. She is guardian of all children, can grant our wishes, and teach us to honor our vulnerability. Oshun shows us how to love like we have never been hurt, work like we do not need the money, and dance like no one is watching.
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