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Happy full moon in Pisces, my loves

When potent full moon arrives on the 6th in watery Pisces, profound changes are underway. Our plates are full with the unforeseen, and there will be more global events and extreme weather in the world at large that could have an affect on our future.

This full moon is elusive and murky, asking us to trust our intuition and read between the lines; premonitions, gut feelings, inner knowing and paranoia are intensified. Waves of revelation could arrive, as magic is afoot and chaos abounds; dreams are heightened and synchronicity is everywhere.

A number of planetary aspects in the full moon chart suggest that issues from January, March, June and the recent solar eclipse could all arise for another go-around; a major cycle is finishing now that will set endings, culminations and completions into motion.

Pisces asks us to surrender, aligning our intentions with what is most beneficial to our highest path.

Take a brief respite from the balls that are rolling to relax and recharge your batteries, giving yourself space to integrate what has already occurred.

Invite the natural rhythms to replenish your well; have a bath or swim in the ocean, allowing the healing energy to clear away emotional debris, calm your nervous system and refuel your spirit.

Clear your head and take some time for emotional revision, exploring the places within that need to be empowered in order for you to help others and share your gifts with the world.

Revelations are possible when you see beyond your experiences; what may presently feel like a loss or limitation could be the universe moving mountains to make sure you get where you need to go. Find forgiveness by releasing your expectations of how things could be and peace through accepting things as they are.

Channel complex feelings into creative passions, allowing your emotional depths to be soothed and inspired; write love letters to your past, sing lilting ballads dedicated to worn out truth, whirl like a dervish, dancing your story into the earth below.

Reflect on the ebb and flow of the waves, the turning of the leaves, the transition from sunset into the magical blanket of night, seeking the grace in letting go.

Mars has moved into Virgo, drawing our focus to the day to day; as the seasons change, work to catch up on what you may have missed. Get grounded in your efforts and create a practice out of our daily life, discovering the sacred in the mundane.

Mercury has recently stationed direct, giving the go ahead with any projects and plans; new information can expand your awareness over the coming weeks, so work to resolve any obstacles to your success by paying attention to the signals and signs.

Be honest with yourself and be gentle with yourself; your present options may not seem perfect, but that does not mean they aren’t perfectly timed.

There will always be pieces of the puzzle that come up out of left field and there will always be a part of you that feels powerless, helpless or afraid.

Channel your fears into moments of communion that awaken what has been sleeping within you.

Breathe in love, shedding any limitations that are preventing you from feeling safe and cared for by spirit; seek the flavor of your joy, taking time to do delicious things that make you smile.

Find the power in your inner strength and move beyond your comfort zone.

At the end of each day, it is a question of where you choose to put your Faith.

Your life is a garden... water what you wish to grow.


All my love and pura vida,


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