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Happy full moon in Aries, my sweet world

The energy is running high when a potent full moon arrives on the 5th in fiery Aries, wielding a double-edged sword that has us swinging to extremes. Some may feel scattered as they try to keep up with the pace, while others could feel off-kilter and emotionally charged by recent circumstances that have exposed wounding around victimization and injustice on a personal and collective level.

This powerful planetary movement has the potential to trigger events of magnitude; explosive circumstances, volatile situations, earth changes and extreme weather will continue to arise so move slowly and do your best to stay out of the fray. Take on as little as possible, remembering that life is what happens while you are busy making others plans.

Do your best to deal with what you cannot control, exploring the grey area for understanding around the growth that is being asked of you now; honoring your truth will deliver you into the present moment and this is where the magic happens.

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries is an enthusiastic pioneer with the potential to revitalize your spirit and renew your faith in the future. We have reached a turning point and now must be the change or be changed.

A large dose of creativity and optimism is available, but requires that we choose to use it to our advantage; hold space for the dualistic energy unfolding by focusing on strengthening the light within you and having compassion in your heart for the world at large.

The opposition of self-oriented Aries vs. relationship-oriented Libra brings issues of individuality and togetherness to the foreground; meaningful endings and beginnings will appear as we are pressed to find a balance between our ability to care for one another and the need to follow any higher truth that is emerging within. Gravitate towards relationships that can deepen your self-awareness, having the courage to own your souls’ desire for evolution.