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Happy full moon in Taurus, sweet world

A full super-moon arrives in sensual Taurus on the 4th that awakens our bodily cravings, delivering us to the garden of earthly delights.

Our senses come alive and romance is in the air; for some dreams are coming true, while others could fall quickly in and out of love on their search for what will satisfy. Resist the urge to try and control others, channeling your energy into experiences that increase the light within.

Taurus asks us to get practical, using tenacity and inner strength to conquer our physical reality; this lunation may deliver rewards or give the go-ahead for certain projects and plans... slow and steady win the race.

The Sun in psychic Scorpio wishes to touch the soul and explore the mystery; people from the past could reappear now and forgotten dreams resurface.

Find a balance between the search for the sacred and contentment in the mundane.

A close conjunction to Jupiter will super-size anything that has been living in the shadows. Issues related to birth, sex, death and what lies wounded or hidden within us could come up for review; fears arise and intimate conversation may turn to heavier subjects as we dive deep for the diamonds in the rough.

Venus brings love and money to the foreground, heightening our yearnings and polarizing them against our need for comfort and security. Acknowledge any distance between what you want and what you currently have, carving out some moments alone to recenter yourself around how you really feel.

What is driving your actions? Are you craving change? How far away is your current reality from what you desire? Are there structures in place that are now holding you back from what you wish to create? If you follow your impulses, how will you feel tomorrow? Are you listening to your gut and/or paying attention to the signals and the signs?

Work to clear away any unconscious motivations that are blocking you from receiving, accepting what you must and forgiving what you can. Gather your resources, your values, your necessities and your tribe, deciding what will endure by mining your experiences for the ones that have value.

Uranus in Aries electrifies our circumstances and internal revelations, shake-ups, break-ups and wake-ups are possible; the path ahead is paved with change, leave room for evolution as new information comes to light.

The full moon sextiles Neptune, highlighting our intuition; sensitivity is heightened and our awareness of the energy flowing through the collective unconscious increases. Have compassion for others insecurities, we are all human, with flaws and fears; acknowledging the beauty in another’s imperfections will encourage their gifts to blossom.

This aspect is murky and could leave some feeling unprotected if they are unable to discern what is to their highest benefit; allow yourself to move at your own pace in order to clearly understand the messages you are receiving.

Honor your need for physical relaxation and recuperation, finding a rhythm that can restore any depleted reserves. Get a massage, make music, bathe in healing waters, share delicious food with friends; be candid in your intimacy, exposing your truth to be healed under a lovers gaze.

Go outdoors and breathe in the life that sustains you, letting the fresh air simplify things.

Feel, touch, smell and taste your way towards the little pleasures that can satiate you; watch the sunset, smile at a stranger, hold a hand, plant a seed. Adopt an attitude of gratitude, allowing the grace of Gaia to guide you through any necessary transformation.

Trust is the answer to any question regarding your safety.

Spend your time and energy on the things that you have Faith in.


All my love and pura vida from the jungle,


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