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Happy New moon in Scorpio, sweet world

A potent new moon arrives on the 18th in Scorpio, delivering emotional insights that can empower us to make profound changes in our lives.

There is much on the horizon worth aiming towards now, and ideas that have been brewing are ready to begin taking shape in reality. We have arrived at a doorway to new life, new experiences and expanded connectivity; new beginnings that start with the ending of a previous way of being or doing are possible. Some structures may need to fall away to create space for growth; pull yourself up and out of any debilitating circumstances by following your hearts truest desires.

Venus in Scorpio ensures that we feel our yearnings intensely and seek to fulfill our cravings; desires beyond our rational mind surface, as the needs of our body and soul come into play. We are sensual and magnetic, craving depth and intimacy; those touched by this lunation may find romance and partnership, as magic is afoot and synchronicities abound. Sex, love and fate intermingle here; change the rules of the game in order to more deeply align with your inner truth and knowing.

As we plunge into the darker realms of love, whether or not we are receiving what we want grows apparent and we can no longer ignore what we need; we wonder if the love we have is fulfilling us, we need to know if the love we share has value, we want to discover if the love in our lives is real… pay attention as the unconscious or unacknowledged parts of your psyche have the power to magnetize people and/or situations that can awaken what is hidden within you.

Explore any deeper patterns in place regarding feelings of unworthiness and fears of failure or inadequacy that are holding you back from intimacy; how do you define love? Do you allow yourself to open and be vulnerable? Do you know what you truly desire? Are your actions aligned with your deeper yearnings? How much do you hide from others? Are you willing to be loved for the parts of yourself that you dislike? What do you believe needs to change about you before you will be lovable?

Jupiter in Scorpio heightens our awareness of what has been living in the shadows by shedding light around issues related to birth, death, transformation, regeneration, shared finances and our personal power. As we move into deeper waters emotions will surface and our inner depths will be unearthed, whether we deliberately chose to excavate or not; superficial connections will dissolve, suspicions will become aroused and secrets will be revealed.

Painful feelings related to issues of control, powerlessness, intimacy, letting go, rage, anger, abuse, taboo subjects, obsessive behavior, or deep psychological blockage may come up for review; Scorpio requires that we swim straight through what we most fear in order to reach the light ahead, confronting our darker qualities head on. The time is ripe for working through whatever we have been avoiding.

A trine from Chiron in Pisces wants to teach us how to turn our wounds into our strength, and could draw our personal history to the surface for healing and closure; make an honest review of who you are, where you are, and why. Do you perceive lack in your life? What early familial patterns and childhood experiences may have caused you to stifle your vitality? Are there reoccurring feelings that you would rather ignore? When you think about achieving your desires, do you feel more pleasure or fear? Where is your passion is blocked from its true expression? Do you believe you deserve to have what you desire? Do you believe that in order to have what you desire, you must sacrifice some other aspect of your life? Become a catalyst for your own transformation.

Explore any areas where you yearn for freedom, yet feel trapped by pre-existing conditions; changes that have seemed scary or undesirable may now be necessary for your evolution. Question your shadow side and seek out what is hidden, unearthing awareness of the things that you are loyal to; dig deep to uproot flaws in your foundation, exposing any habits or modes of operation that you continually reenact in order to keep yourself safe. Confront any obstacles that you created in order to avoid having to deal with change, and acknowledge any choices you make that are designed to prevent you from having to relive painful childhood memories; release addictive habits and subconscious attitudes by seeing things as they are, without the gloom or the glory. Own what you discover, surrender where you must and forgive yourself any ignorance; you cannot change anything until you know that it is there.

Neptune stations direct in Pisces on the 22nd, highlighting our dreams and our intuition; expect moments of insight and connection with the divine. Something fundamental about the way we are living our lives is ready to evolve; regard whatever ails you as a teacher ready to show you the way out of the darkness and into the light.

Channel complex feelings into art and music, allowing your emotional depths to soothe and inspire others; protect your dreams from criticism by receiving guidance from those who support your spiritual growth. Watch out for illusions and situations of a questionable nature, using your heightened awareness to discern who and what gives you strength, and any sources that drain your vitality. Just as we are being asked to cleanse our systems of the heavier energies, so is the planet; earth and climate changes will continue to be on the table. Trust that the ultimate goal of every event is renewal.

Action may feel urgent, but it is important to find your own pace in order to insure your success; mull things over and get grounded. Take the time to research any avenues that are being presented to you, weighing out your ideas against the practical steps for implementation.

The weeks leading up to the full moon are poised for growth and have the potential to open you to new ways of being and doing; follow the signals and signs towards what can fulfill you, releasing who you thought you were in favor of who you really are.

There is no such thing as a clean slate; we are all broken and we are all blessed.

Seek to differentiate the substance of your soul from your story of what has happened to you by acknowledging that your experiences resonate in the greater collective; every one of us has a path that is fraught with difficulty.

Life is not meant to be fair…. it is a lesson; uncover a deeper vein of faith that is running through your journey. Honor every event that was necessary to bring you here today and make peace with the past, using acceptance to turn bruises into beauty.

Before you can know that you are holy you must first believe that you are whole; learn how to love yourself for all of your facets.

As you emerge from the depths, you are stronger and wiser, aware of the parts of you that cannot be destroyed; spend a moment in reverence.

Build a fire, get cozy under a moonlit sky, take a bath in candlelight, go night swimming....

Enjoy the darkness from which all things are born, letting the cycle of the seasons resonate within.


So much love and pura vida from my heart to yours,

and a big thank you to Alix Price for being my unsuspecting model a few sunsets ago 😘

Ash xx

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