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Happy full Moon & Mercury retrograde, sweet world

As December opens, we arrive at the beginning of what promises to be a potent Mercury retrograde holiday season. The energy is frenetic and things may be feeling chaotic or overwhelming; we yearn to stop and relax but our minds are racing to keep up with all the needs to be done. Breathe deep and do your best to grow flexible, as the winds of change are set to arrive. We have reached a major turning point in our evolution and there are still a few key ingredients to come.

A powerful super moon arrives on the 3rd in mercurial Gemini that creates a strong aspect with deceptive Neptune; new information arises, but getting to the bottom of things could be tricky. The oceans of the collective unconscious become murky now, so check the facts and proceed with caution. Guard against confusion and misunderstanding, acknowledging that things are not always what they seem; sort fact from fiction by looking for proof and check the fine print for inconsistencies in order to prevent disappointment down the line. Our logical faculties are muted here; listen to the more subtle guidance at play in your life and follow the signals and the signs that you are receiving.

Mercury stations retrograde on the full moon at the last degree of Sagittarius, signifying that big changes are in the offing. We may see shake-ups, wake-ups, and surprising developments in the community at large; issues regarding the global economy and environment, technological advancement, the hidden conduct of political and spiritual leaders, social injustice, earth movements, extreme weather, and prominent death and birth announcements could make headlines. Plagiarism censorship, secrecy, lies and rumors are possible; it may prove hard to learn the facts and some could be tempted to shoot the messenger.

Our day-to-day grows complicated as misunderstandings, delays, and frustration abound; avoid closing major deals or launching new projects, use extra precaution when traveling and leave the signing on the dotted line until after Mercury stations direct on the 22nd. The past may reappear for another go around and karmic situations could develop; question the people, places and things that you engage with, are they raising your vibration?

Many factors at this full moon point towards an evolution in our relationships and issues with communication are highlighted. Be careful of using force to try and get things done; own your part in every misstep, choosing patience and compromise to work through any obstacles. Get on the same page as others, and make an effort to talk things through; scrutinize the words you choose, letting diplomacy transcend previously insurmountable walls. Keep in mind that we are not all playing the same game; avoid making assumptions and take in the bigger picture, finding innovative ways to honor your unique perspective and respect others opinions.

This retrograde holds added importance as it is closely conjunct task-master Saturn in late degrees of Sagittarius. The last 3 years have brought transformation around lessons of freedom and open-mindedness, our belief systems, spirituality, education, politics and foreign affairs, travel, nature, medicine, economic hardship, luck, law and legality, social biases, personal boundaries and higher principles that have changed our history on a personal and collective level; we may now see large advancements in these areas as new inventions, alternative belief systems and vibrational healing modalities move into the mainstream.

This lunation will trigger a final push towards enlightenment, before Saturn moves its focus into earthly Capricorn on the 21st of December. Spiritual growth is paramount now; follow the things that excite you and require the courage to evolve. Gemini clutters our mind with activity, but Sagittarius asks us to be honest about what is really there; as the rose colored glasses come off, find a way to acknowledge that every situation has a purpose.

If it feels like your circumstances are less than ideal or you are being denied the one thing that you truly need, work to expand your view. Gemini offers up a myriad of options that suggest there is more than one way to solve your current dilemma; expect revelations, shifting opinions, and unforeseen conditions to appear.

Recognize that any setbacks arising now were meant to challenge you to step more fully into your personal philosophy. Take a closer look at your motives, what do you value? What is driving your actions? What are you intending to happen? Are you thoughts and your actions aligned? What perspective are you using to view your world? What makes your life worth living?

Resolve any conflicting notions or areas of your life that are polarized by working to strengthen your foundation; remember that we do not get what we want, we get what we believe. Sift through your ideologies and begin to purge what no longer serves you; what beliefs were determined by who you were before? Do they need to evolve in order to reflect the person that you have become? What do you truly desire? Are you willing to transform your life in order to achieve it?

Purify your mind and your version of what is possible; own the choices that brought you here and acknowledge that it could be time to choose again. You cannot control your outer circumstances and must learn to adapt to your surroundings, working with them to achieve your goals; align with the natural laws, focusing all of your energy on what you wish to grow.

As circumstances culminate, use any delays that arise as a chance to review your plans for details that you may have missed; finish projects that are already on the table, contemplate and do research to support your future. Slow down, taking a moment to adjust and assimilate; you are standing at the threshold of transformation and higher levels of consciousness are becoming open to you, if you are willing to let your heart lead.

We have been moving towards a new paradigm and expanding our awareness of how our perspective affects our reality; we have conquered lessons of honesty and authenticity, and now recognize that the power of our mind can make things manifest. What we have accomplished has changed our trajectory and the landscape of our world; any culminations and endings occurring now are timely and will pave the way for something new.

If you find yourself heartbroken, wounded, weighed down or dissatisfied, acknowledge that your higher-self is forcing you to change, even if you do everything in your power to resist it; surrender to the truth and let it set you free. Release dreams that are past their prime and relationships that are holding you back, honoring each story as a part of your heroes or heroines journey; whatever is torn down could be the ashes that you will rise from later.

Radical behavior is possible if you are harboring frustration or agitation; quell your urges by finding new ways to use your mind. Channel pent up energy into education or create with your hands, travel and explore; try on different costumes, adorning the myriad of facets within. Play word games, do puzzles, learn foreign languages or study distant cultures and philosophies; take up a competitive sport, engage in verbal banter or debate, gather with friends and enjoy a good laugh or two. Get out into nature and increase your awareness, giving yourself space to integrate all that has occurred.

For now, stop trying to make things happen and become aware of what is happening to you; each moment is guiding you towards awakening.

Release control of the outcome and accept that you are being divinely led; take joy in knowing that you are protected by unseen forces, wishing to nurture your brightest potential.

Breathe in gratitude and breathe out pleasure; shine, letting everything you see grow more beautiful under your gaze. Come deeply into your power, being a light for others to bathe in.

All my love and pura vida,

Ash xx

📸✨ by JP for Romaine Colthurst Machete Women Project ⚔️🙏😘

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