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Happy New Moon in Sagittarius, sweet world

A potent new moon arrives on the 18th in fiery Sagittarius, picking up our evolutionary pace.

Sagittarius burns brightly now as numerous planets conjunct the moon, amplifying our desire for success; the energy is frenetic and this lunation may have us tied up in knots as we attempt to juggle our commitments.

Mercury is currently retrograde and we haven't yet reached our new destination; surprises or twist in fate are possible. It could be hard to complete tasks in a timely fashion and patience will be tested; a part of us is engaged in meeting deadlines while another side of us yearns to let go and rest, integrating all that has already occurred.

Take a moment to catch your breath, engaging in ritualistic cleansing to ease the imbalance within; use supplements to strengthen your immunity and harmonize yourself by soaking in the beauty of nature. Holiday spirit could be dampened by a dose of the mundane, so make time each day to do the little things that lighten the mood; we are at the beginning of something and patience is required.

A big change is in the offing; we have arrived at a tipping point and our vision and path is set to transform on a personal and collective level.

This new moon conjuncts the galactic center and offers us a doorway to profound wisdom and growth, should we chose to access it; our psychic centers are awakening and our feelings are giving way to an inner knowing about ourselves, each other and the world at large. Our hypersensitivity to our environment increases and we need to be careful of who and what we give our time; follow the signals and the signs, trusting that sometimes you need to defy logic in order to honor your inner knowing.

This moon offers up a final exam and gives added support to anyone who is seeking to cross the finish line; your success now will be determined by timing.

Saturn is prominent at this lunation, falling at the last degree of Sagittarius, as it prepares to move into Capricorn on the 20th. We have spent the past three years increasing our awareness of the truth; anything that you have been hiding from yourself may rise to the surface now. A major belief is set to dissolve as the veil lifts to expose what is living behind the curtain, and some may find it hard to deal with their reality in the harsh light of day; the temptation to blow off stream is strong and impetuous behavior is possible.

As we transition from the philosophical fires of Sagittarius into the practical matters of earthly Capricorn, our focus will shift from the spiritual to the material. Sagittarius yearns for freedom, but Saturn asks us to channel our creativity into something real that can stand the test of time; use this last opportunity to expand your awareness.

Spend some time between now and the winter solstice on the 22nd, in reflection; over the last three years, who have you become? What motivates you? What are your hidden motivations? Are your thoughts aligned with what you desire? What do you want to be known for? Who and what do you identify yourself with? What do you value and does your life reflect it? Are you doing what you love? Are you loving what you do? What is the greater purpose of your life that has led you to where you are today?

Explore your relationship to the people and the planet around you, questioning how well you treat the world that you live in; our awareness is in transition and we must stretch to meet the next level of our maturity. Old issues that are addressed now have the potential to heal you in miraculous ways and free up space in your life; work to release wounds of abandonment and loss, trusting that whatever has been torn away was obstructing your view.

As your connection to the collective unconscious increases, seek a higher perspective on your current circumstances that allows you to see the greater patterns at play; view your life as a thread in the web of existence, letting your place in the grand scheme of things ease any resistance to the transformation that is occurring. We cannot control what life deals to us but we can grow in whatever direction we choose; find your dignity by accepting your fortune with grace. Any fires that are burning were designed to teach you how to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Work to bring yourself into resonance with what you seek to manifest, taking a moment to return to center; we are in the midst of reorganizing our reality and must be accountable for every facet of light and dark in our life. As you prepare to turn the corner, make peace with your past, finding a way to honor the pain and still have faith in tomorrow; trust that the truth is setting you free, even if freedom looks differently than you thought it would.

Embrace your shadow and acknowledge your fears, extending love to any demons within; life is to short to be your own enemy. Eliminate anything that blocks what will ultimately bring you pleasure, finding the strength to walk away from what you have been wanting to change; avoid blaming others for any disappointments, trusting that anything occurring was designed to bring you here today.

When the winter Solstice arrives on the 22nd, spend a moment in stillness; light a candle and grow reverent, honoring your role in the mystery. Acknowledge the turning of the hands of time; somewhere it is the longest winters night, and elsewhere it is the sunniest day of the year. Become a co-conspirator by aligning with universal intent; set your sights on what will challenge you to become stronger and wiser, getting clear about the changes you wish to make in 2018.

Mercury will station direct on the 23rd, giving a green light to our projects and plans; manifestation comes to the foreground, opportunities abound and timing is everything.

Be very conscious of the choices you make now, as they will take growth to meet their fullest potential and could change your life in a very fundamental way over the next three years; spend your energy on what will support your evolution.

Work to satisfy your own needs, using patience and flexibility to pull up and out of any debilitating circumstances; face any obstacles in your path by deepening your acceptance of what is and loving yourself exactly as you are.

Follow your instincts and connect the dots in your life, finding a universal outlook that widens your perspective.

Choose a path with greater implications than your personal pleasure, becoming a lighthouse that supports the earth below.

Many of us will be standing in new territory by the time the full moon arrives on the 1st of January; have patience with your dreams, giving them ample space and room to grow.

Become like nature, letting your roots inspire you to hold brilliant things in form.


xoxo, happiest holidays and so much love✨


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