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Happy new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius, sweet world!

When a new moon solar eclipse arrives in evolutionary Aquarius on the 15th, our humanity comes front and center; a wake-up call is resounding through every aspect of our lives and the world that we share. Revolution is in the air and recent planetary activity has left our plates overflowing with variables; awareness of our rapidly changing global environment is increasing and voices of protest are calling out from the masses. Nostalgia could arise as the rose-colored glasses continue to come off in our personal lives and the world at large; earth changes and extreme weather are possible.

Many have been confronted with what they have been consciously or unconsciously attracting since the last set of eclipses arrived in August of 2017; some may feel like a stranger in a strange land as they attempt to navigate their current circumstances, while others could be feeling lost, frustrated or overwhelmed by the immensity of change that is being asked of them now. Stay focused on the bigger picture and place trust in what you cannot see; there is a grander plan to the events unfolding.

We have arrived at the eye of the storm; take a moment to rest and integrate all that has occurred. Retreat from technology and clear your head by spending time in nature with your feet on the earth; soak in the green, revitalize your soul and recharge your spirit, doing whatever you can to catch your breath before the next wave of unforeseen variables appears.

Aquarius can deliver surprises and any energy in our lives that has been off kilter could get shocked into balance over the coming weeks. Those ruled by their head could find their heart is suddenly in control and those normally dominated by their own sensitivity may be forced to thicken their skin; how you chose to handle what life deals you will directly affect the circumstances that are set to arise in the spring.

Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, has been traveling through self-oriented Aries since March of 2009; this is the last eclipse to aspect Uranus before it transits into Taurus in May, and themes that have arisen over the past eight years are coming to completion; we are heading towards a peak experience and the top of the climb is