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Happy new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius, sweet world!

When a new moon solar eclipse arrives in evolutionary Aquarius on the 15th, our humanity comes front and center; a wake-up call is resounding through every aspect of our lives and the world that we share. Revolution is in the air and recent planetary activity has left our plates overflowing with variables; awareness of our rapidly changing global environment is increasing and voices of protest are calling out from the masses. Nostalgia could arise as the rose-colored glasses continue to come off in our personal lives and the world at large; earth changes and extreme weather are possible.

Many have been confronted with what they have been consciously or unconsciously attracting since the last set of eclipses arrived in August of 2017; some may feel like a stranger in a strange land as they attempt to navigate their current circumstances, while others could be feeling lost, frustrated or overwhelmed by the immensity of change that is being asked of them now. Stay focused on the bigger picture and place trust in what you cannot see; there is a grander plan to the events unfolding.

We have arrived at the eye of the storm; take a moment to rest and integrate all that has occurred. Retreat from technology and clear your head by spending time in nature with your feet on the earth; soak in the green, revitalize your soul and recharge your spirit, doing whatever you can to catch your breath before the next wave of unforeseen variables appears.

Aquarius can deliver surprises and any energy in our lives that has been off kilter could get shocked into balance over the coming weeks. Those ruled by their head could find their heart is suddenly in control and those normally dominated by their own sensitivity may be forced to thicken their skin; how you chose to handle what life deals you will directly affect the circumstances that are set to arise in the spring.

Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, has been traveling through self-oriented Aries since March of 2009; this is the last eclipse to aspect Uranus before it transits into Taurus in May, and themes that have arisen over the past eight years are coming to completion; we are heading towards a peak experience and the top of the climb is always the steepest.

Solar eclipses seek to cut us off from our instinctive patterns in order to push us to remember who we truly are; we are being offered an opportunity to grow beyond who we have been and a leap of faith is required. You are standing at the crossroads between your past and your future; this is a pivotal time, a part you is dying so that another can be born. Acknowledge that any choices you make now have the potential to define you.

Aquarius frees us up from our perspective so that we can get a birds eye view; seek wisdom by taking in the bigger picture and looking your circumstances with detachment.

The coming months will offer closure to any old karmic patterns that have kept you repeatedly making the same choices and expecting different results; as you awaken to the next level of consciousness, issues that where previously swept under the rug will resurface for resolution. It is time to reconsider what you decided that you could live with and get ready to make the changes that you thought you could avoid. If you have foregone your dreams in favor of safety and predictability, look for ways to support yourself, trusting that you have all the skills necessary to succeed; if your choices have been out of alignment with higher laws, you may be shut down or realigned with opportunities that will push you to expand. Breakthroughs and moments of enlightenment will arrive when you look for ways to champion yourself and your greater community; at the end of the day, we are all in this together and must learn to get along. Some structures may fall in order to create space for new development and poignant endings are possible.

This lunation could deliver relationships destined to awaken you to the next level of your evolution. Soul connections appear as Aquarius seeks to align us with our hearts’ deeper knowing, but there is an element of trickery at play; some may need to explore an illusion before they can recognize what is real. If you have the urge to rebel, make love, not war, trading in feelings of unrest for the courage to pursue what can satisfy you.

Mercury, the south node and Juno are conjunct the eclipse, highlighting issues regarding love, money and communication; if you feel under appreciated in your work and home environment, take a moment to redefine what you want and why. Examine your current commitments, making sure that you are still aligned with the causes to which you give your passion, energy, resources and time; use this opportunity to discern what is strengthening you and what is draining your vitality.

Explore where you perceive lack in your life; what do you spend your money and time on? What do you give and what do you get back? Do you feel like you are being denied something that you deserve? Do you feel seen and honored in your relationships? Are you being honest about what you desire? Who and what are you devoted to?

Explore how you communicate with others; are people hearing you? Are your needs being met? Are there ways that you could change your expression in order to more accurately manifest your desires?

Own what makes you magical and be willing to let go of those who do not meet you there, transforming loneliness into independence by aiming to be accepted for your eccentricities. Uncover issues around loving and being lovable by starting to heal the union within; sink recent frustrations into artistic projects, choosing to express instead of repress your feelings. Let leaderships skills come to the foreground and act with confidence, aligning with what is highest and best for your tribe; nurture your inner connection by exploring the faces of your gods and cuddling up with the truth that you can trust. Rebel against anything that is holding you back and follow your happiness towards opportunities that honor who you are, creating space for like-minded compatriots to join you on your journey.

Insecurity may arise if you are confronted with anything that you cannot control; stay focused on yourself, accepting that you cannot make others change or see from your point of view. Pain is caused by trying to distance yourself from the things that you are afraid off; breathe in your troubles and become one with what that scares you, finding compassion for anything that leaves you feeling helpless or small. The Universe is working with you, to align you with where you are meant to go; remember that you are co-creating with what you cannot see.

Pay attention to the signals and signs at play; what opportunities have arisen over the last 6 months? What choices have been made for you by circumstances that were out of your control? What has awakened within you? What creative drive has come to the foreground? What talents have merged?

Take a moment to resonate with humanity, we are all designed to grow beyond whom we have been.

Aquarius awakens the cosmic origins in our DNA and asks us to explore who we are, what we are and why we are; wonder about the piece of divinity residing within you.

When the universe opens up and offered you its gifts, what do you do with them?

Let the answers unfold in the blanket of night; you are made of star dust; you are meant to shine.

Ignite the Light that is your birthright.

The present is a precious gift where anything is possible.

Fill it up with beauty.


Sorry it's a little late! And I hope it helps 🙏❤️

and Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog! 🐶🎉✨

I won't be writing about the next full moon as I will be in transit 🚀💫 and I wanted to write about this eclipse instead ❤️This column applies to what will unfold during the turbulent month of March to come...

I am sending you the biggest love and wishes for safe sailing until the blue moon in March, my lovers xx


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