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Happy Full Blue Moon in Libra, sweet world

When a full blue moon arrives on March 31st in the cardinal air sign of Libra, there are deeper forces at play. The winds of change have arrived and our plates are overflowing with commitments; for some dreams are coming true, while others could be feeling off-kilter and frustrated or emotionally drained by the weight of their current circumstances. Libra is the sign of partnership and fairness, ruling over our sense of justice and our ability to find balance within and around us; relationships of all kinds come to the foreground now as our attention is drawn towards issues of love and trust, money and power, loyalty, truth, sexuality, personal freedom, equality and our environment. There could be unrest within the greater community regarding traditional values that are in contrast with our current global landscape; planetary aspects are pushing us to evolve and any tension that has been building during the waxing moon cycle will continue to affect us over the course of the coming weeks. Earth changes are possible.

A square from active Mars and restrictive Saturn, conjunct in goal-oriented Capricorn, calls for us to act and, simultaneously, applies the brakes; fated events could occur that align us more fully with our path and any opposition around us or within us is highlighted. Patience is a continual lesson bestowed by Capricorn so be slow to respond, tempering reactive tendencies with thought and consideration. Ask yourself what pieces of your world feel out of control; are there perpetual patterns in place that put you at the mercy of others? Do you own your energy, or do you give it away? Look carefully at any propensity to down play the things that cause you pain; are you disowning parts of yourself, or valuable pieces of your life because you do not want to do the work to heal them?

We are very sensitive to criticism now and any mental blocks or patterns of negativity could become self-fulfilled; step back from circumstances that bring out the parts of your personality that you do not wish to invest in, accepting that you create your own reality. Assume your share of the responsibility and hold yourself accountable; release stories of what another’s actions might mean and allow yourself to wonder about how your reaction makes things escalate. Work to find the compromise that you can live with or chose to lovingly disengage, making honesty and authenticity your top priority.

The Sun is conjunct Mercury retrograde in Aries, and in direct opposition to this blue moon, highlighting our connections and heightening our awareness of others in order to evolve how we relate. Communication will gain an added importance now and how we express ourselves comes to the foreground; it is time to acknowledge the ability of our words to influence and affect others, altering the world around us in a very real way. Words are a tool that can be us