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Happy full moon in Scorpio, sweet world

An emotional full moon arrives in Scorpio on the 29th/30th, offering up the magic to transform our world, the power to slay our dragons, and the elixir that can heal our wounds.

This lunation seeks to bring us into deeper awareness around our truest feelings and yearnings, and our inner depths will be unearthed, whether we deliberately chose to excavate or not; you may discover that once your dreams are realized, they aren't quite what you had wished, or unrest that has been looming on the edges of your subconscious could arise in order for you to see your reality more clearly. Scorpio’s waters run deep and the variation of personal experience occurring now is wide, from extreme highs to incredible lows; resist the temptation to compare your circumstances to others and stay focused on the hand that you are being dealt, acknowledging that every occurrence is an opportunity for growth. Issues of control, powerlessness, intimacy, letting go, betrayal, loss, anger, grief, taboo subjects, obsessive behavior or deep psychological blockage around loving and being lovable are up for review.

Our sensuality is awakened by Scorpio, increasing our yearning for intimacy and connection; our cravings are heightened as the needs of our body and soul come into play. We urge to merge with what makes us feel alive and desires beyond your rational mind may appear in order to remind us of what you have forgotten along the way; we are seeking real love, and superficial connections will dissolve as we question our commitments and explore where our loyalties lie.

Taurus and Scorpio pit our desire for emotional connection against our need for material stability and security; there are layers of emotional baggage between us and what we really want and hard truths could come to the surface as we are forced to see what has been brewing just outside of our view; suspicions could become aroused and secrets could be revealed. Intuition is heightened now, as is the ability to delude ourselves; avoid acting hasty and let circumstances marinate until you have reached a healthy conclusion within.

Saturn in Capricorn is sextile the full moon, and this lunation has the power to move mountains; old structures that no longer serve could fall away in order to create space for something new to emerge. Our integrity could be called into question as we are asked to take responsibility for our circumstances, or we could be required to forgive and let go. Examine anything that you may be doing in order to keep yourself safe, such as hiding behind a facade or avoiding facing your reality, being emotionally dishonest or behaving aggressively; are you acting like a predator? Are you acting like prey?

Depression is possible if you are dealing with anything that is beyond your control; seek to mature by looking past any roles of victimization to the awareness that every limitation holds important lessons designed to help you evolve. Focus now on your ability to care for yourself and to discern which situations are in your best interest, rethinking your finances and romantic connections in order to make sure that they align with what you truly desire.

Expansive Jupiter is newly retrograde in Scorpio at this full moon, signifying that it is time to turn inward and some may feel that their deserved rewards are delayed; an element of timing is at play and all of the pieces and players need to fall into place. Slow down and deal with anything that needs to be rectified, as patterns that keep you from vulnerability and having to trust are ready to be transformed.

Explore your intuitive awareness and whether or not it is in harmony with your logic, acknowledging that any feelings of confusion stem from the fact that your heart and your head are not aligned; look deeply at why you do what you do, and whether it is truly to your benefit.

Acknowledge that your life is a co-creation with the divine and you are responsible for bringing your best; approach this lunation as an opportunity to master any psychological block or fear that could be preventing you from living to your fullest potential. Are you currently feeling a loss of power or control? In whom and what do you place your trust? Are you open and receptive to others? Are you afraid of what you crave? Do you move toward or away from the things that turn you on? What are you prioritizing? Is what you want different from what you need? Are you being authentic about your truest desires? What have you been obsessing over? Are your actions motivated by fear or by faith? Do you consciously or unconsciously do things that prevent you from communing with others? Does your current lifestyle support satisfying intimate connection? How comfortable are you with letting your guard down? How far away is your current reality from the life you are truly meant to live? Are there values that need to shift in order for you to create space within to receive what you want? What do you do to deem yourself lovable?

Rising above for perspective is always helpful, but Scorpio requires that you swim straight through what you most fear, confronting your darker qualities head on; anything that you have been choosing to ignore could manifest, as unconscious or unacknowledged parts of your psyche create circumstances in your life that are designed to awaken what has been hidden within you. Gravitate towards the things that scare you; any area where you doubt your ability to be affective is ripe for expansion.

Our homes, our partnerships and our families come to the foreground now; this moon is square to asteroid Ceres and issues surrounding the mother and mothering could arise; look deeply into any area of your life where your passion is blocked from its true expression; what early familial patterns and childhood experiences may have caused you to stifle your vitality? Are there reoccurring feelings that you would rather ignore? Get to the bottom of things.

Root out self-destructive patterns that burden you emotionally, exposing anything unconscious that you may be doing to protect your heart from pain or injury; be wary of the tendency to see things in black and white, or any attempts to try and control the outcome of a relationship or save another from themselves. Whatever is coming up at this time is offering you a chance to create new understanding and increase your personal power; build your character by having the courage to admit what is wrong.

Clean out your internal basement, confronting the obstacles that have seemed insurmountable. Examine any control issues, addictive tendencies, sexual distortions or attempts to manipulate; work to see the truth of any situation that is eluding you, growing in your integrity by owning the deeper aspects of your personality. Be radically honest about all that you are, finding the compassion needed to navigate the conflicting tides with radical acceptance; your greatest power lies in being whole, not in being holy.

Scorpio reminds us that life is not fair…. it is simply a lesson; if you are currently turned towards the darkness, look within to find a deeper reservoir of strength that allows you to shiny brightly when the lights have gone out. Spend time in the twilight and drink in the moon; seek out a room with a view, go night swimming. Revel in your darker, sexier side, finding strength in the receptive part of your nature.

In order to awaken to your happiness, you must surrender the things that leave you feeling helpless or small; your desires are pointing the way towards your future.

Fuel the things that set your soul on fire; let your hair down and dance like a deity, barefoot under the stars. Share your heart freely with others, passing out pleasure like wildflowers.

Follow your passions down the rabbit hole and cherish everything you find, growing your power by learning how to love what lives in the shadows.


This moth came to visit me last week; as a ruler of the nighttime, our dreams and our unconscious, I cannot help but feel its direct connection to this full moon, reminding me to trust my intuition and pay attention to the signals and the signs.

Happy Beltaine, my loves 🌼

May you be blessed with new hope, new life, new joy and new beginnings 🌱

Pura vida kisses from my heart to yours,

Ash ✨

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