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Happy full moon in Scorpio, sweet world

An emotional full moon arrives in Scorpio on the 29th/30th, offering up the magic to transform our world, the power to slay our dragons, and the elixir that can heal our wounds.

This lunation seeks to bring us into deeper awareness around our truest feelings and yearnings, and our inner depths will be unearthed, whether we deliberately chose to excavate or not; you may discover that once your dreams are realized, they aren't quite what you had wished, or unrest that has been looming on the edges of your subconscious could arise in order for you to see your reality more clearly. Scorpio’s waters run deep and the variation of personal experience occurring now is wide, from extreme highs to incredible lows; resist the temptation to compare your circumstances to others and stay focused on the hand that you are being dealt, acknowledging that every occurrence is an opportunity for growth. Issues of control, powerlessness, intimacy, letting go, betrayal, loss, anger, grief, taboo subjects, obsessive behavior or deep psychological blockage around loving and being lovable are up for review.

Our sensuality is awakened by Scorpio, increasing our yearning for intimacy and connection; our cravings are heightened as the needs of our body and soul come into play. We urge to merge with what makes us feel alive and desires beyond your rational mind may appear in order to remind us of what you have forgotten along the way; we are seeking real love, and superficial connections will dissolve as we question our commitments and explore where our loyalties lie.

Taurus and Scorpio pit our desire for emotional connection against our need for material stability and security; there are layers of emotional baggage between us and what we really want and hard truths could come to the surface as we are forced to see what has been brewing just outside of our view; suspicions could become aroused and secrets could be revealed. Intuition is heightened now, as is the ability to delude ourselves; avoid acting hasty and let circumstances marinate until you have reached a healthy conclusion within.

Saturn in Capricorn is sextile the full moon, and this lunation has the power to move mountains; old structures that no longer serve could fall away in order to create space for something new to emerge. Our integrity could be called into question as we are asked to take responsibility for our circumstances, or we could be required to