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Happy full moon in Capricorn, sweet world

When a powerful full moon arrives in earthy Capricorn on the 28th, our reality comes front and center; take a moment to look honestly at what you have been manifesting.

Task master Saturn is currently retrograde and conjunct this full moon, signifying that the coming weeks will deliver experiences designed to awaken us to what we have been creating, consciously and unconsciously, in our lives. Some may find themselves in the right place at the right time to receive opportunities and accolades, while others could receive shake-ups and wake-ups that force them to see their situation more clearly; any attempts to avoid maturing could be exposed. The weight of our responsibility grows heavy and issues of patience, inhibition, depression, loneliness, anxiety, fear, doubt and worry may arise.

Capricorn asks us to grow up grow up gracefully; work to evolve your integrity by disciplining your emotional response. If you have been in denial or ignoring changes that require effort in order to shift, gaze rationally upon any obstacles in your path; confront issues with authority head on and seek out helpful alliances that can uplift you, recognizing when you attract the difficult or disruptive in order to test your skills.

This lunation is highlighted by the transit of fiery Mars, recently retrograde, in revolutionary Aquarius; Mars will appear to move backward throughout most of July and August, during which time we will also experience three eclipses in a row. Mercury will turn retrograde just before the first lunar eclipse which is set to arrive on July 27th, adding to the drama in store. This line up of planetary movement signifies a giant shift is in the offing; lay low and do your best to keep your commitments to a minimum as unforeseen variables are likely to appear. The cycle of karma is strong here and reminds us that what we give out, we receive; move with intention and think before you act because accidents are possible.

Mars rules over our masculine side, our active force and our mode of operation; in Aquarius it expands our awareness of how we conform to our environment and asks us to question what we think we know, making room for our inner authority to replace any societal conformity. On a global level we may see issues regarding our technology and its effect on our ability to connect with each other, earth changes and extreme weather or struggle for control of borders, resources and the land on which we stand. Our needs may feel neglected by the powers that be as they enact their plays for control; we may question legislation and whether or not it supports our right to coexist. It is up to us to determine if we will fight for our right to feel safe in our world; our strength lies in our unity.

This full moon opposes the Sun in watery Cancer, highlighting the importance of our people, our community and our tribe; issues regarding family and home could come to the foreground. Focus falls on our parents and parenting, our personal life and the connections that we hold dear; sensitivity is heightened. Any emotional immaturity could be exposed as others ask us to pull our weight, and inequality in our connections becomes apparent; intimate matters come to a head and dramatic situations could arrive in our closest relationships.

When dealing with matters of the heart communication is paramount, so chose your words carefully as they could come back to haunt you; do what you can to shift your energy towards healing any situations that require mending. Be gentle with your opinions and treat others as you wish to be treated; if you don't have something nice to say, try not to say anything at all. Dose out extra compassion for your own imperfections and any perceived flaws in the ones you love; use kindness to resolve your issues and let diplomacy transcend previously insurmountable walls.

This planetary movement has the potential to leave you feeling insecure if you have turned your criticism inward; don’t waste time ruminating about the things that you are unable to change or berating yourself for past choices. Find your way to the eye of the storm by admitting what you cannot control and focusing on what you can. Repair what truly matters, giving everything else the space to breathe; expect some existing structures that do not harmonize, to fall away.

The opposition of Capricorn and Cancer pushes us to uncover any familial, social and cultural conditioning that could be holding us back, by questioning which pieces of our reality, our beliefs and personal truth may be inherited and out of alignment with the future we desire. Explore how you meet your needs for financial security and how you fulfill your intimate needs for safety and support to see if you are you reenacting the choices of your parents; seek understanding around the lessons attached to your circumstances by reviewing your recent decisions and acknowledging which ones were motivated by weakness and which where motivated by strength. Transform any feelings of shame, guilt, fear, or defensiveness that you use to justify yourself, learning to take responsibility for your actions. We cannot control what life hands us, we can only control our response.

If you clarify your feelings, you can begin to resolve issues that have, until now, seemed insurmountable. How do you feel about where you currently find yourself? Do you judge the choices that brought you to where you are today? What worries or doubts are you ready to confront? What habits or patterns are you ready to transform? What circumstances do you need to make peace with? What must be surrendered in order to free up your energy for expansion?

Our plates are currently overflowing with options, some that will move us forward on our path of evolution and others that will hinder our ability to learn and grow. We may go through a detox now, as circumstances require us too get clear about what truly matters, cutting out any distractions or toxic situations that are preventing us from moving towards our goals. Spend the next few months ironing out the kinks in your plan; what are you aiming towards? What are you intending to happen?

Accept that your limitations define the blue print of your potential and your boundaries offer the framework that can bring the necessary steps for your success into view; every obstacle is an opportunity to create a more solid foundation on which to build your dreams.

Look closely at your motives and get real about things; our world is about to transform, the universe is getting ready to throw its cards and fate has the upper hand; prepare as you would for a final exam.

As you begin to turn your future plans into reality, timing is everything.

Make room for some much needed self-care, growing grounded in order to neutralize any negative energies at play; deepen your emotional intelligence through cleansing, and purification. Burn herbs, play healing sounds and place stones in your space that can protect and uplift you; organize and declutter your home, pruning away anything that no longer empowers you. Distance yourself from your circumstances in order to see things objectively, finding peace in the oceans inevitable return to shore. There is a season for everything under the heavens; trust you will ultimately make sense of it all.

Step back and take in the bigger picture so that you do not to lose sight of the forest, because you are focused on the trees. Get flexible about your future; If the earth is shaking, sway in the wind, should the rains come down, dance in the mud puddles. Make peace with the unknown; allow yourself to fantasize and blow your wishes to the breeze, imagining the millions of cheeks your dreams will have kissed by the time the day is done.

Fill your home with the wild flowers of summer or catch a sunset from the greenest and most gorgeous place around.

Sleep under the stars, lulled by the symphony of nature.

Spend time in the garden and plant what you wish to grow, renewing your faith that life is still beautiful.


All my love and purrra vida,


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