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Happy full moon lunar eclipse in Leo, sweet world!

An extremely powerful total lunar eclipse, entitled the Blood Moon, arrives on the 27th in revolutionary Aquarius, clocking in as the longest eclipse of the century; spanning over 4 1/2 hours with complete totality lasting for 103 minutes, the moon will appear to turn red and just below it will be Mars, currently retrograde and conjunct the moon, its own red light magnified by the diminished light in the sky. This powerful planetary alignment marks a definitive ending, culmination or completion of a chapter in our lives and has the potential to trigger events of magnitude in the world at large.

The energy has been building towards this lunation since May and many have been feeling off-kilter, exhausted or emotionally charged; now we have arrived at our date with fate and the Universe is set to throw its cards. Cosmic forces are at play, nerves are running high and daily routine may get scrambled in order to force us to move into new territory; as the wheel of fortune spins once more, a course correction could be necessary. For some, dreams may come true, while others could feel frustrated as sure things fall apart and trivial matters suddenly gain weight. Some will reap the rewards, some will be rerouted and some will expe