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Happy full moon lunar eclipse in Leo, sweet world!

An extremely powerful total lunar eclipse, entitled the Blood Moon, arrives on the 27th in revolutionary Aquarius, clocking in as the longest eclipse of the century; spanning over 4 1/2 hours with complete totality lasting for 103 minutes, the moon will appear to turn red and just below it will be Mars, currently retrograde and conjunct the moon, its own red light magnified by the diminished light in the sky. This powerful planetary alignment marks a definitive ending, culmination or completion of a chapter in our lives and has the potential to trigger events of magnitude in the world at large.

The energy has been building towards this lunation since May and many have been feeling off-kilter, exhausted or emotionally charged; now we have arrived at our date with fate and the Universe is set to throw its cards. Cosmic forces are at play, nerves are running high and daily routine may get scrambled in order to force us to move into new territory; as the wheel of fortune spins once more, a course correction could be necessary. For some, dreams may come true, while others could feel frustrated as sure things fall apart and trivial matters suddenly gain weight. Some will reap the rewards, some will be rerouted and some will experience a mixed bag; stay flexible as many circumstances are currently out of our control.

Fiery Mars in Aquarius suggests fireworks, public displays, anger and aggression, drama and war; its retrograde motion means that the effects of this eclipse will be long lasting and unfold over the months to come. We want to rebel against authority and claim our sovereignty; the idea of freedom grows paramount and our independence comes center stage. Anyone who feels that their personal rights are being infringed upon may decide to set boundaries or walk away, and others will champion those who cannot fight for themselves as voices of protest rise up from the masses; if there is an underdog, champion them. If there is an injustice, stand up for it; if you come across someone in need, do what you can to offer support and care. Issues of power and authority are set to evolve and situations of global importance are likely. Tension could build if things aren't moving as quickly as you would like, so blow off steam in order to avoid acting hasty. Any darkness you are experiencing is actually an increase in light.

Eclipses are designed to deliver what we most need and will bring change and transformation to our doorstep, whether we go looking for it or not; circumstances that arise for resolution are timely and karmic in nature. We are standing at the crossroads between our past and our future, and anything occurring is a direct result of where our internal compass has been pointing.

Work to see whatever appears without the gloom or the glory; a mysterious energy is nudging you towards new awareness, right now the best mode of action is to go with the flow. You are in the right place at the right time, receiving lessons designed to evolve you beyond whom you have been; if you find yourself in the wake of sudden upheaval, seek to mature your vision by accepting your current circumstances with grace and leaving the justice up to fate.

A potent T-square with Uranus seeks to cut us off from our instinctive patterns in order to push us to remember who we truly are; changes to your world view may initially be uncomfortable but could be necessary for your evolution. Explore what is manifesting and what is being deconstructed in your life for clues as to what the Universe wishes you to strengthen or let go of… brilliant ideas are possible when you seek liberation from the things that blind you. Investigate, explore both sides and stand back to get a new perspective or take a trip in order to find a better view; revise, redo, renew, regroup, reassess and revisit in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Technology could go on the fritz so make sure to back up any important data and be careful around electricity.

A close conjunction to the moons’ south node is asking you to purge anything that is no longer serving you; this eclipse can show you how to create the future you are desiring by exposing what is holding you back and what must be released. Question who and what you are spending your time and energy on; explore what you give to others and what you get back. Sift through your commitments and ideologies, working to evolve the way that you live your life and the space that you occupy in it. Connections of all kinds come to the foreground over the next few weeks and our attention is drawn towards issues of love and trust, loyalty, passion, commitment, personal freedom and equality; power struggles are possible.

The north node in Leo is conjunct the Sun and in direct opposition to the eclipse, signifying that the direction we are being asked to move in requires us to come more fully into our own authority. As the truth grows paramount, work to increase your honesty and your authenticity; what must change in order for you to feel more harmony in your intimate life and in your interaction with the world at large?

Mercury stationed retrograde in Leo on the 26th, adding fuel to the fire of our creative urges and heightening any gaps in our communication; explosive situations are possible as circumstances reach a boiling point. These are dynamic times that could put our close relationships to the test in order to discover whether they are aligned with what we are becoming. Avoid ego battles by staying strong in your circumstances and accepting your hand good-naturedly; we cannot control others or make them see from our point of view. Retreat from any person or circumstance that has left you feeling less than lovable and set your sights on your own self-improvement, taking the opportunity to change your personal narrative; are there stories that you continually share, that frame you in a disempowered light? Do the words you use to explain your life leave you feeling good about yourself and your history? How can you tell a new story, or tell your story in a new way?

The moon in Aquarius asks us to accept the universal truths that propel our reality, seeing beyond the drama of our personal perspective to the greater vision or the grand design; recognize that your opinion of your life has everything to do with how you view the circumstances that arise. Avoid making assumptions and resist the urge to blame others for your disappointments by moving away from what you cannot change; focus on what you can, shifting your perspective to one that empowers you.

On a grand scale, Leo represents our rulers and their dominion; on a personal level it signifies our gifts and talents, our will and our personal power. Modern society is inundated with opportunities to show the world what we wish others to see; this eclipse ask us to get real with ourselves about what we are offering others and begin to take action that speaks to our greater principles. How are you choosing to express yourself? How do you exert you right to take up space? What roles do you play for others? Are you walking your talk? Are you aware of how your energy affects those around you? What do you wish to be known for? Are you showing your true colors to the world?

Clean off the lens through which you see yourself, recognizing that you are at your most powerful when you release your fears; allow yourself to feel joyful, grateful, and hopeful by recognizing that each plot twist is part of a grand master plan. Have the courage to bend with the winds, trusting them to deliver you to where you need to go, and have the courage to embrace what arrives with gratitude.

Fate is at play and we have finally arrived, so accept wherever you land with as much gusto as you can; any options appearing may seem foreign, but they have been put in your path in order to push you to grow. Every gift has a lesson attached, every detour has a purpose, every obstacle is an opportunity for empowerment; stay in the moment for greatest success and trust that anything that has to change, will.

Shut off technology and let the sounds of nature return you to the natural rhythm of it all; be caressed by the breeze, feel magic dripping from every moon soaked tree, smell the courage of a flower, see the sunset touch the shore. Then harness yourself to the stars at night and cultivate a working understanding of their wisdom; your present options may not be perfect, but that does not mean they aren’t perfectly timed.

Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans, you must dance with what life deals you in order to arrive gracefully at your chosen destination.

See beyond what scares you by choosing to believe the cards are destined to deliver you to where you are meant to be.

Enlightenment and profound healing are possible under this electrifying moon; know that when all is complete, the Universe will have done right by you.

All my love and pura vida,


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