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Happy fill moon in Pisces, sweet world

A mystical full moon arrives in watery Pisces on August 26th, that can provide the balm for any recent turmoil and assist us to integrate all that has occurred since the start of the year; take a moment to catch your breath. Relax and recharge your batteries, spending time outdoors with your feet on the soil or your toes in the sand; listen to the waves and the movement in the leaves, letting the sounds of nature return you to stillness.

The summer has been full of lessons designed to awaken what has been sleeping within and now the tides are beginning to turn; as our vision clears we can see what has been carried in by the storm. Some will receive reward or recognition for hard work invested towards achieving a goal, some will gain insight into the direction of their path and purpose, and some will be left with an evolved vision of who they are or the space that they are occupying in their world.

We are currently treading water, our plates are overflowing with options and emotions could be running high. A grand earth trine involving numerous planets in retrograde motion is highlighting this full moon, signifying that there are many variables up in the air. Old ways of being or doing that no longer serve us are being washed away; Pisces asks us to let go, in favor of flowing with the tides.

This full moon is complicated and full of potential; we feel inspired to move in the direction of our dreams, we know the steps that it will take to reach our goals, and we are questioning our current commitments and whether they will help or hinder us in getting where we wish to go. All the signs point towards taking a step forward, that begins with releasing something that is standing between us and the future that we now realize we desire.

The spotlight shines on unacknowledged issues that are tugging at our subconscious and challenges could require us to honor an awareness that is welling up from within. Allow what is hidden to rise to the surface, moving beyond your comfort zone into a more authentic version of reality; something in your life is ready to be transformed, evolved or moved beyond… What are you ready to transcend?

Fiery Mars will station direct at the last degree of traditional Capricorn on the 27th; this critical juncture denotes a changing of the guard is at hand. It is time to break free from cultural norms in order to more deeply align with our internal truth. Numerous planetary aspects are pushing us to find greater equality in our dealings and some may be feeling frustrated or disheartened by their current state of affairs; issues of judgement, separation, abandonment or injustice could return for resolution. Any discomfort is timely and offers an opportunity to cleanse what has come to pass; confront what has been festering, as repressed emotions could manifest in the form of ailments, accidents or arguments.

The kite formation in this lunar chart delivers us to the end of the trail; it is time to release a worn out ideology that is preventing us from moving forward. What paradigms have broken down in your life? What view has reached a tipping point? What pieces of your past have maintained value, and which no longer support the person you have become? A long-held belief or perspective is ready to be surrendered; if you have been denying your inner nature, a reckoning could arise.

Explore the ways in which you may, unwittingly, play the victim in your life, doing your best not to confuse determination, commitment or integrity with a choice to continue to strive towards something that is not in your best interest; we can no longer blame others for our circumstances and must learn how to be our own authority. Redefine your world by increasing your attention to self-preservation; create clear boundaries regarding how you choose to interact with others and seek awareness around any extreme behavior, working to mature your habitual response. If you chose to shut a door, trust that something better is waiting just around the corner; if you discover that you have been off base in your aim, ask yourself why you would chase after something that does not willingly support you.

Everything occurring is designed to bring you into a deeper relationship with self-love; accept that you are the creator of your experience, finding ways to view your life that leave you feeling good about yourself and your history. Look within for issues of self-worth and worthiness; do you allow yourself to give and receive love? Do you believe you are safe? Do you trust divine guidance? Do you confidently make choices, believing that you will be guided towards what is best for you? Are you attached to things working out the way that you want them to? Can you keep the faith when things aren't going the way that you would wish?

Kick, scream and let any tears come; honoring your truth will deliver you into the present moment and this is where the magic happens. Place your trust in a higher purpose to every occurrence, honoring any wounding or limitation that has been exposed for its part in shaping you into the person that you have become. As you emerge from the depths, adjust the stories you tell yourself; portray your life in a way that empowers you, finding solace in the parts of you that cannot be destroyed.

Pisces rules over our connection to spirit; our intuition is heightened and sensitivity increases. Divine inspiration, downloads of spiritual insight and moments of realization that come through seeing from a higher perspective arrive; listen to messages in your dreams and be honest about the signals that you are receiving from your gut, allowing emotional clarity to shine through any mental contradictions that have been plaguing you.

The coming weeks will unfold with synchronicity if you follow the signs, allowing them to put you in the right place, at the right time, to take advantage of opportunities that can assist you in achieving your goals; good fortune occurs when you stay out of the crossfire and focus on a process of spiritual growth and renewal.

The Sun in Virgo brings our attention to the details and asks us to find the reverence and respect for the rituals that play out in our lives; discern your way through circumstances by choosing daily routines that support your most sacred spaces within. Raise your standards and do some internal housekeeping, deciding which aspects of your reality can stay and which are ready to transform. Grow conscious of anything that has been living in your blind spots and learn to have compassion for the parts of yourself that you would rather ignore. Commit to spending a few moments every day in spiritual reflection; you may not enjoy doing the work, but it is necessary to lighten your load.

The path ahead is unclear and the ocean is worthy of discovery, full of forgotten strengths and hidden truths; like a fish that heads with clear intent in one direction, until instinct tells it to quickly change course, we are being guided by the unseen. Set aside what you know in order to make room for your divinity.

Spend introspective time on, in, or near the water, inviting cleansing and purification; embody the ebb and flow of the cycles, allowing them to anchor within you a peaceful acceptance of the journeys' inevitable return. Move with Grace, inspired by the nature that is in constant flux around you.

Listen to your feelings, the truth is growing within you; what do you truly desire? Make a leap of faith, take a risk, plant a seed.

Life is a process-oriented sport and the journey is for us to enjoy...... whatever you do, do it whole-heartedly.


I will be in school overseas during the next full moon and will not be writing my column for September, so I am sending you lots of luck and blessings for the path ahead ❤️

All my love and pura vida,


📷Sunset last night #nofiterrequired #sogratefulforthisplace#nofilternosara

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