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Spell Crafting 

Integral spells for anyone/everyone

.....this is not your ordinary

“work your empowerment”self-help talk experiment. 

this is tried and true magic. 

the universe is woven together and these spells seek to bring you into contact with the strands that connect us all. 

Invite intent to enliven your experiences, remember the secret living inside you, that you are the co-creator. 


the time has come to reclaim your right

to be the light within you.


Love is the principle and light is the guide

the garden of eden is grown from inside.


May these spells be your allyas you look this gift in the face

your grace can work miracles

if you learn to keep pace 

with the reflection of the living world

and align with this place

it is a gift 

so I ask that you use these spells with care

and trust that your energy

 is carried on the air

Every time we breath we are connecting with all we see

Allow these spells to set you free.


Aho, so mote it be, Ache

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