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Living Light

is the belief that we are all Light,

having a human experience, and that our purpose is to shine....

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The Living Light mission is to
build a global community of consciousness, using tools for transformation, conscious creation, ritual and celebration. May we grow bright within the arms of community and in time, each become a 
ligthouse for the world.

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Ashley Laux, the founder of Living Light, is a life long student and channel of spirit. Her studies include Evolutionary Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Gnothology, Palmistry,   Sacred Geometry, Alchemical Studies, Psychic tools, Shamanism 

Nagualism, Alchemy, Vibrational Medicine, Biofield Tuning, 

Theta Healing, Crystal Gridwork, Dreamwork, Reiki, Maitri, The Art of Manifestation, Animal*Plant*flower medicine, Feng Shui, Mediumship and Magic.

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