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living Light

wisdom cards

are an inspirational 72 card deck designed to 

increase your intuition, bringing you into 

greater connection with the rainbow chakra of 

energy that is continually flowing throughout 

your body and affecting the course of your life.


Hold the cards and think of a question,

selecting your answer from anywhere 

in the deck; place them in a dish and pull 

one to start your day or give a special 

message to a friend. Consult the cards for 

insight about your relationships, health, 

finances, career and spiritual journey, 

enhancing your thoughts, words and actions 

with empowering messages that can uplift your 

heart and grow a garden of wisdom within you. 




Created by Ashley Laux

Card and cover illustration:


Meredith Murray

© LivingLight, llc 2016



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The Story

I have been readings cards all my life; it is not surprising that I always wanted to create my own tool for raising consciousness. 


I thought to design a deck that anyone could use to seek guidance; a deck that everyone could understand. Over the years my desires evolved, I wanted them to fit in the palm of my hand, I wanted them to work without a book of definitions, I wanted them to be direct and empowering.


When the time was right, the living Light garden of wisdom was born.They are part of my path and a labor of love; the name reflects my belief that we are all living beings of Light, here to harvest a garden of wisdom that is within us and reflected around us in the natural world.  

I use mine all the time. I pull three each morning and offer them to my guests; I keep a set in my purse and sometimes I hold them in my lap while I'm driving. I hope that you will find as many uses for them as I do .


Ash xx.

living *Light 

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