When a potent new moon arrives in Scorpio on the 30th, the emphasis falls on the things that live in the shadows. Newness is on the horizon and we are being pressed to create the space that will allow our true path to emerge. The powers of the mind and intuition are heightened, offering valuable insight into the reasons behind our given circumstances. Dig deep to solve long-standing issues; how can you transform your perspective in order to release patterns and beliefs that have kept you locked in the past? Use this influx of energy to explore the foundation upon which you build your life, on both a personal and collective level.

Look closely at your choices and what needs to shift in order for you receive what you want; confront what is unresolved within you, exposing fears of failure or inadequacy that prevent you from aiming towards success. Stop playing the blame game and get realistic about the steps necessary to come fully into your potential. Explore how you wield your power; are you honest about your feelings? What deeper yearnings do you chose to ignore? Do you share your time, space and energy with others? Can you build a lasting connection of value? Do you dare to let others see you for who you are? Are there patterns in place that put you at the mercy of others? What truths do you continually deny in order to uphold the status quo? Can you have compassion for others weaknesses? Do you own your strengths? What are you consciously or unconsciously attracting?

Acknowledge any decisions you have made that were designed to prevent you from reliving painful childhood memories; shine the light on habits or modes of operation that you continually reenact in order to keep yourself safe. Question your allegiances, your values, your connection to your body and life force, your sensuality and capacity for intimacy or romantic connection, your shadow side, your addictive tendencies, your relationship to authority, your ability to take on positions of power and your desire for control; one or more of these aspects could be an area of your life that has not matured because it is protected by an old pattern.

Spend a moment in internal reflection, weighing out the pros and cons of your creations in order to determine what will stay and what will go; busy yourself making order, allowing clarity to naturally emerge. Clean out your closets, sweat your prayers, and find opportunities to purify your body, heart and soul; be authentic about what you find, sincerity is the goal. Clear up unfinished business and act with intention, the moment is ripe for working through whatever we have been avoiding.

Chaos abounds in society as the darker aspects of humanity continue to play out in the world at large. If it all seems like too much, retreat to spend time in the twilight and drink in the rays of the moon. Release anything that leaves you swimming in shallow waters and seek out what has depth, moving towards the things with the potential to satisfy. Step out of your comfort zone and into your pleasure zone, encouraging your senses and following your desires beyond the edge, into the darkness of the unknown. Turn bruises into beauty by infusing them with acceptance and growth; revel in your darker, sexier side, finding the power in the receptive part of your nature. Let go of the need for control and live a little, choosing to think happy thoughts that will direct the course of your life; take your hair down and flirt with the winds, invite passions out to play, go night swimming. Be authentically yourself and shine your brightest, trusting that a whole new world is possible when we learn how to love what lives in the shadows.


Prayers to Standing Rock, ND!!

Happy Halloween, my beauties-

All my love and pura vida,


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When a feisty full moon arrives in Aries on October 16th, the winds of change are blowing and the smallest details of our lives could become super-sized as the Universe pushes us to expand; this lunation gives us the go ahead to take a leap towards new beginnings of all kinds. The moon is conjunct electric Uranus and surprises may arrive, designed to nudge us out of our complacency; the energy is erratic and emotions could swing to extremes. Anger and frustration are possible so stay strong in your circumstances and accept your hand good-naturedly; steer clear of arguments and avoid ego battles for greatest success. 

Issues of partnership grow paramount as we are pressed to expand our capacity to love and respect each other, increasing our ability to harmonize with the greater community. Keep in mind that we all view life from our own window to the world; steer clear of assumptions and take in the bigger picture, applying the concepts of giving and receiving to every situation that arises. Gravitate towards relationships that can deepen your self-awareness, having the courage to follow your souls’ desire for growth. If passions flare, be honest about how you feel and tell the truth, putting your heart on the line; ask for what you want, growing transparent in order to prevent misunderstandings. If things are tense with those you love, give existing issues time and space so that you do not inadvertently throw the baby out with the bath water. Seek out compromise, working to find a balance between honoring your unique perspective and respecting others’ opinions; consider how you treat members of the opposite sex and where you place your trust, learning to tolerate any perceived flaws and appreciate the things that make us different.

Our plates are overflowing with possibilities, some of which will move us forward on our path of evolution and others that will hinder our ability for success. Revise and review any seeds planted over the previous year, deciding whether their growth has the capacity to sustain you. If you have not been fully aligned with your divine purpose and plan, course corrections are possible; follow the signs and take action in order to avoid having the rug pulled out from underneath you. Fuel renewed courage into releasing the last threads of anything that is past its prime and eliminate blocks to your pleasure, finding the strength to walk away from what you have been wanting to change. Honor who you are and what you came here to do; take a stand for yourself and grow comfortable with your truth, letting existing structures that do not harmonize, fall away.

The next few weeks will be a mixed bag so seek out helpful alliances that can uplift you and recognize when you attract the difficult or disruptive in order to test your skills. If some of the more unsettling aspects of humanity are brought to the foreground, do your best to stay out of the fray; use excess energy to blow off some steam and satisfy any whims with rushes of adrenalin. Where ever you go, there you are; take a risk and dare to be your authentic self; act independently and initiate, making a leap of faith into newfound territory. What frontiers do you wish to explore? Reinvent the landscape, letting your zest for life infuse you with inspiration.

Revolution is in the air; issues of self vs. other, leadership, cooperation, sexual drive, vitality, enthusiasm, military, war, tactical strategy, patience, pride, anger, the role of women in the world and the battle of the sexes could arise. We can expect erratic weather and potential issues relating to power and electricity; explosive events, economic shifting, and earth changes are possible in the world at large. 

All my love and pura vida,


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September opens to a potent new moon Solar Eclipse in earth centered Virgo on the 1st that is paving the way for new beginnings. Our plates are full, the pressure is building and at any time things could go off with a bang; we may see surprises in the news, loyalties and allegiances shift, or seismic activity and weather patterns that transform the face of our global landscape.

This energy will carry us into the end of the year and the journey ahead is a curving path with many twist and turns to come; we will all be dealing with culmination in one way or another as the Universe nudges us to expand. Some may feel like they are being pushed out of the nest before they have learned to fly, while others may feel like they are struggling to keep up with continually evolving signals and signs; some may feel like they are missing the one thing that they truly desire and others may be trying to rectify pieces of their past that have arisen for closure. If you are being buffeted by the winds of change, avoid overanalyzing your circumstances; we have reached a turning point on a collective level and ultimately the choice is yours as to how you will chose to transform. Keep up with daily workload in order to ward off stress derived from having too much on your plate; give space and time to anything that is leaving you confused and focus on what you know how to handle.

Mercury has recently turned retrograde in Virgo, offering the opportunity to retrace our steps and reassess our goals; anything that you have been ignoring could be magnified in order to draw your attention. Seek space amidst the mayhem unfolding to get quiet and rethink your plans; retreat and digest, making some time for recalibration. Revise, review, renew and redo, finding the balance between logic and intuition by applying more of the one that you have been lacking. Murky circumstances and confusion abound, so steer clear of unconscious behavior and any deception in your midst, growing wary of anyone looking to be saved. Find your sovereignty by releasing the roles of victim and savior for good; allow each other to be human and accept the flaws, meeting your partners on the ground for greatest success.

Our well-being comes front and center and anything arising now is asking to be healed. Unaddressed health issues could become super sized, so go for a check up and take time to nourish your body with cleansing foods and activities. If you have a habit or addiction you wish to quit, do a detox in order to reset your system and spend time by the water, washing away any thoughts that no longer serve. Enhance your daily life by making a ritual out of every routine, remembering that life is a process oriented sport; we cannot rise above to find our spiritual nature, we must embody it and live it, every day. Infuse the mundane with reverence and resist the urge to strive for perfection; nothing is ever as good as we thought it would be when it becomes real, but it is better because it is real.

Since March we have been day-dreaming about what we wish to give birth to and clarifying our deepest desires; as you begin to hammer out how your options will manifest, acknowledge what you know, what you don't know, and what you don't know that you don't know. Get back to the basics and honor your desires, seeking out a new perspective that can increase the power within; weed out options that are motivated by guilt instead of pleasure, using faith to discern what action is appropriate and which idea has the potential to fulfill you. Any tests that arrive are challenging you to grow in your integrity, explore your boundaries and where they are set; what walls do you use protect yourself from harm? What walls do you use to keep your heart safe? What walls are there to keep others out? Which walls may be keeping you in? Are the choices you are making respecting who you are? Do you cherish your weaknesses and your strengths? How can you reflect on the past in order to transform the way that you deal with the future? What does the manifestation of your desires entail? What are you ready to commit to?

September marks the beginning of harvest season and it is time to reap what we have sown. Endings could arrive, designed to pave the way for forward movement; move past drama and let the cards fall where they may, trusting that every event unfolding was designed to create space in your life. Chose to grow gracefully; release tension and disappointment through vigorous exercise and physical labor, or take a risk and try something new. Spend time in nature and steep yourself in the green; deepen your connection to the earth beneath your feet and follow your bliss by focusing on the seeds of new life that are available. Create abundance in the world, letting your gifts out to play; steward the planet and her children, becoming a guardian of the things you hold dear. We are all complicated, with walls built around wounds and we are all brave, designed to endure and grow with every breath. Get satisfied in the moment, finding practical ways to play out your passions; arrive in the present, and Blossom.


Expansive Jupiter transits into Venus-ruled Libra on the 9th, for a year long stay that will inspire the arts, heighten our intellect and seeking to transform the way we look at partnership and marriage, justice, fairness and equality in the world at large. Enthusiasm returns as the recent heaviness begins to lift; it is time to evolve our relatedness and come into greater harmony with each other and with the Earth. Circumstances require that we work together in order to get things done; accommodate each others needs and explore new ways of connecting. Question the value of what you cherish, making sure that its worth is measured in your heart; seek the balance between sharing your love and growing your ability to receive it. 

The call for true intimacy is nudging us away from co-dependent connection towards the higher principles of inter-dependance, co-creation and equality. Explore how you join together with others and how you dissolve your connections, finding compromise in the middle ground; learn to cooperate by rejoicing in the differences and focusing on what can be created when your skill sets align. Blessings and good fortune arrive through our alliances when we evolve our partnerships beyond traditional roles, working towards shared visions that can support the greater community. 

As your awareness of others increases, frustration and/or agitation could arise; use timing to pace yourself instead of swinging to extremes. Issues of fairness grow paramount; when dealing with conflict, try to do what is best for both parties or take one for the team. Question where your reaction may only makes things worse, working to heal what you can by seeing through another’s eyes; are you listening to the people in your life? How well do you feel you are being heard? Are you good at finding ways to get along? What are the people around you reflecting within you? Engage diplomatically when dealing with obstacles, using patience and conscious communication to resolve your issues. Avoid stepping on each others toes as the tables could turn in order to show you what it is like when the shoe is on the other foot; allow room for the benefit of the doubt and let earnest apologies go a long way towards making amends. Commit to relationships that reciprocate your affection, choosing to spend time with those who understand that connection is a two-way street. Find compassion for yourself and others, envisioning a world in which we all have a right to belong; honor each other, because to love another is to love their scars.

We are being pressed to see beyond the surface and difficulty with our own self-image could arise if we have been comparing ourselves with others. Avoid getting lost in appearances; true grace is something that wells up from within. Explore your sensuality and how you attract what you desire, shedding what seems hollow and seeking out what has substance; spend time sprucing up your self-esteem with colors that feel good and an attitude that shines of self-appreciation. Dress yourself in ideas that make you happy, becoming the romance that you wish to see in the world; laugh, express your pleasure and seek the flavors of your joy, taking time each day to do delicious things that make you smile. Adore your most vulnerable parts, growing a garden of love within. Infuse your life with care, being the mirror in which others can see their own beauty. 


A lunar eclipse arrives in watery Pisces on the 16th, bring the 2016 eclipse season to a close. As the planetary energies shift we are being pushed to expand our beliefs in what is possible; avoid chasing after what does not willingly support you. Circumstances may be mixed so do your best to flow with the tides and release anything that is keeping you from being carried towards the shore. We are still in the midst of a review, the past is not completely rectified and karma is at play; fated events are par for the course and information may come to light that shifts our perception, choices and trajectory. The Universe will throw its cards and circumstances could turn on a dime; trust that whatever arrives holds the potential for deep healing and the resolution of long-standing issues. Remind yourself that birth is all about surrender; the time is ripe for transformation and the way forward begins with letting go, nothing less than a leap of faith is required right now.

As you become more sensitive to energies around you, maintain your boundaries so that you do not to lose yourself in another; be very discerning with who and what you give your time. Make sure the ideas you are carrying around every day are assisting you in achieving your success; Where do you chose to focus your attention? How do you judge others? What do you believe about yourself? Do you trust your inner knowing? Do you have faith that life will do right by you? Feel your way forward and allow hidden truth to surface, paying attention to your dreams and any subtle awareness that arises. Energy is heightened and anger or frustration are possible if we feel we are not receiving what we deserve; wonder about why you have been denied your desires and what other avenues have presented themselves to you. With every obstacle that you encounter a reaction is born within you and what you believe will persist. Find your freedom by embracing forgiveness, compassion, faith and unity; accept circumstances arising as a sign of divine protection and direction, choosing to focus on the blessings instead of the one thing that you are lacking.

Clean off the lens through which you see yourself and rewrite the story the of what you are receiving, choosing words that frame your life in an empowering light. Decide to take ownership of your happiness by infusing your imagination with optimism and hopeful possibilities; seek out active solutions and follow the signs towards things that feel fun, banking on your desire to play and refresh your spirit. Spend time near the water and get in touch with your soul, honoring the parts of yourself that cannot be destroyed; be grateful for the water that is all around you and seek to raise your vibration by programming the waters within. Clear any inner debris that holds you back, paring down to create space for the brightest possible future. Miracles are possible when we let go of what we know in order to make room for our divinity. Stop chasing theSun and open up to receive it, become an Ocean of anything you chose. Give graciously to others and let love win; grow your community by watering it with kindness and gratitude.


Things may feel a bit crazy when Mercury stations direct in Virgo on the 22nd, clearing the path ahead for forward movement of all kinds. Put your priorities in place and lay the ground work for the future by awakening to the truth residing within you; observe your emotional responses and investigate the parts of yourself that you often avoid so as not to get caught in a web of your own making. Spend time sorting things out and organize, growing informed; focus on becoming a better person from the inside out, learning to walk your talk with greater accuracy. Areas of ignorance will be exposed as our choices begin to manifest in the world at large. Chose to live by your highest moral code, bringing your actions into greater alignment with your personal integrity; steer clear of excess by exerting strength over your lower instincts, choosing to invest your time and energy into ideas that have proven their value. 

The light is illuminating the unaccepted or exiled aspects of our humanity in order to reconcile any wounding that is finally ready to be healed. If your beliefs and choices are up for evolution, examine the places inside where you bury the things that you do not wish others to see, and the actions that you take when you think that no one else is looking. Release the inner critic in order to avoid hiding behind a facade; grow your appreciation for yourself, learning how to own and honor the facets that you had previously deemed unlovable. Take in the bigger picture and leave space for one another’s truth, trusting that we all deserve to be ourselves. Be honest with others and release judgement; purify your intentions and do what you can to have compassion for the one you care for; offer them the same forgiveness and unconditional love that you would like to receive. If things don't go the way that you would like them to, believe that you are destined for something better; allow room for co-creation with the Universe, trusting that what is meant to work out, will. Engage in ritual to consciously release what no longer serves you, doing your best to expand your faith. Seek out all that is sacred and plant the seeds that you wish to grow, dreaming the flowers into being.


Venus moves into sultry Scorpio at the end of the month, offering up the power to slay our demons and the secret elixir that can soothe our wounds. Regard anything that ails you as a teacher ready to show you the way out of the darkness and into the day. Our intuition is heightened, shining light on anything that is living in the shadows; as your psychic awareness grows stronger, maintain a soft gaze that allows you to be guided by divine inspiration on the edges of your perception. 

Seek out awareness of the things that you are loyal to; look deeply at why you do what you do and whether it is truly to your benefit, gaining insight between what you desire and what you actually need to be satisfied. Expand your emotional intelligence and identify any mental blocks that perpetually set you up for disappointment, working to evolve patterns that keep you from having to trust; what habits or modes of operation do you continually reenact in order to keep yourself safe? Be authentic about what you find, sincerity is the goal; our strength lies in releasing preconceptions of how we think things should be and accepting the truth of how they really are. Surrender to reality and let it soften you, trusting that what is broken will ultimately be the cracks through which the Light comes in.

The moment is ripe to get intimate with each other and become honest about our emotions; open up with vulnerability, trusting that those who love you will appreciate your transparency. If you need to take a stand for something that disappoints another, choose compassion over defensiveness, dressing your ideas in sensitivity and grace. Use candid authenticity to rectify any wrongs, letting your honesty be the revelation needed to transform your circumstances. 

Change is on the table and it may require some fancy footwork; have the willingness to deal with what you must, accept what you must, purge what you must and keep growing where you must. Stop focusing on where you are going long enough to enjoy the ride. You are the most beautiful thing that could possibly exist; empower yourself by following your heart and make love with everything you find. Fill up with the energies that can sustain you, taking time for the things that set your soul on fire; sink your roots down into the earth and shout “yes” to the whirlwind, letting what no longer serves you be swept away by the tides. Rev up your passions and seek your pleasure, unlock your libido and invite latent sensuality out to play; toss your hair around and dance like a deity, barefoot under the stars. Be vulnerable and dare to shine, watching what you see grow more beautiful under your gaze; come deeply into your power, being the light for others to bathe in.


I will be doing a lil solo eat, pray, love tour in Europe and unable to write my column for October, but I will try to hit any important turning points along the way 😘 wish me luck! 

All my love and pura vida,


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As August opens, we have arrived at a crossroads. Choices are on the table and changes are underway, yet there are pieces of the puzzle still hidden from view. The peak of summer has arrived; the energy starting to pick up momentum and it may seem like there aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done. Saturn is preparing to station direct mid-month and issues of honesty come to the foreground; we feel ready to create transformation in our lives, but are still restrained by limiting circumstances and our own personal beliefs. Make the most of any reckoning by removing the rose colored glasses, to ensure that you are seeing your reality clearly. Release the need to play the victim or savior and stand in your sovereignty, filling yourself up with the intentions that promise real long-term reward. Acknowledge your responsibilities and commitments, doing what you can to find a balance that satisfies the world around you and supports your own needs. The next four weeks will lay the foundation for major shifting to come; action is required and some situations may reach there boiling point.

When the new moon arrives in fiery Leo on the 2nd, let the wave of optimism replenish depleted reserves. Pause for a moment and rest or have a little fun; release any focus on where you are going in favor of exploration around who you are becoming. Recent revelations may have asked you to evolve the way that you view your world or the space that you have been occupying in it; separate the wheat from the chafe and get a jump start on the future by reflecting on your past. What have you achieved in the last nine years? What has life handed to you and how have you handled it? What do you believe will bring contentment in the years to come? What do you feel would satisfy you now? Why are you close to some of your goals, yet distant from others? What have you always thought you wanted, yet may now realize you do not need? What can be released in order to find more room for hope in your life? What are you willing to do to be happy? 

Use this lunation to tie up loose ends that are impeding your progress; overcome any setbacks by seeking out the tools you need to get where you want to go. There will be many variables in the mix this month, and some may feel pulled in too many directions as they try to keep up with the pace. Apply practicality and avoid being impulsive; seek guidance from those who have walked your path before you and deal with disappointing circumstances head on for greatest success. Try not to compare yourself to others, as timing is crucial; align with your heart, trusting it to know the rhythm of your unique and perfect unfolding.

Honor your passions and get creative; grow big and take up space, inviting your connection with spirit into each facet of your existence. Rebound from any recent knockdowns or hiccups by dusting off old dreams or forgotten talents that have the potential to soothe and inspire you, gravitating towards anything that makes you smile. Seek out the highest form of expression you can muster, sharing it with every aspect of your life; invest yourself in your art or invent a new way to solve an old problem, throw a party or prepare a feast with your best partners in crime. Compose a soundtrack packed with adventure, love with grandiose gestures and bold proclamations; be generous, stand up for a cause in need or speak for those without a voice. Build a bonfire to burn away everything that is preventing you from deeply feeling your pleasure, and exert your right to get excited about what is to come. The road ahead is packed with opportunities that were designed to awaken us; seek out experiences that require courage and have the potential to leave you feeling on top of the world. Manifest the most out of your circumstances by reveling in the blessings; dance with the winds at play, laugh and grow young for an hour or two. Fill up with joy, being bold, beautiful and brave when your happiness is at stake; fall madly in love with yourself, because you are ALL that you have been given.

Mental Mercury and loving Venus meet up in Virgo during the second week of the month, bringing us back down to earth. Take a moment to explore your boundaries and how you care for your most sacred spaces within, getting clear about where you draw the line in the sand; are there currently relationships in your life that hurt you or are harmful in some way? Who can you trust to honor your most authentic vulnerability? Retreat from any person or circumstance that has left you feeling less than lovable; set your sights on your own self-improvement, leaving others to sort out themselves.

Become grounded and practical, make a goal out of feeling healthy; honor yourself by adopting a preventative approach and aim to enhance your life, one day at a time. Organize and declutter your home, pruning away anything that does not empower you. Deepen your emotional intelligence through self-care, cleansing, and purification; go for a check-up, receive counseling, stock up on vitamins and get plenty of beauty rest. Question what is in the food that you eat, exploring how the things that you consume make you feel; conquer addiction and pick up an exercise regime, trusting the process and resisting the urge to strive for perfection. This planetary movement has the potential to leave us feeling insecure if we have turned our criticism inward; be gentle in your opinions and release judgment of yourself and others. Do what you can to shift your energy towards healing any situations that require mending, dosing out extra compassion for your own imperfections and any perceived flaws in the ones you love.

Begin to explore your relationship with Life by examining the thoughts that you think and the activities that you chose to engage in; develop a dialogue with the part of yourself that cares for your weaker and more vulnerable spaces, rooting out the pieces of your psyche that you do not wish others to see. Our minds are sharpened and ready to tackle what may previously have seemed insurmountable; release the desire to overanalyze your situation, being careful not to make problems bigger than they really are. Use this energy to create order out of chaos, building a ritual out of every routine; work to expand your idea of what is possible and be honest with yourself about how can you be most effective. Let go of any guilt and anger surrounding your past and show up in the present moment; prepare for unforeseen circumstances and accept what you must, recognizing the things that no longer serve you and what may need to be left to bloom on its own. Divine ideas require a leap of faith in order to be fulfilled; get turned on by inspiration with the potential to satisfy, and busy yourself sorting out the details, leaving the rest up to fate.

Spend time in nature and cultivate your skills of discernment as you listen and respond to the signals and signs. Accept that your boundaries and limitations define the blue print of your potential; there will always be doubt when the seed is planted, but you must trust that it will grow without you into whatever it is meant to become. Distance yourself from your circumstances in order to see things objectively, finding peace in the oceans inevitable return to shore. Spend time outdoors and put your hands in the dirt, watering a dream with the potential to flower. Listen to the animals, the mountains, the water and the leaves; sink your roots down, letting the symphony of the earth resonate within you.

When Saturn stations direct mid-month, it is time to stop looking in the rearview mirror and set our sights on the great unknown. The first half of the year has been spent questioning our beliefs and facing the way things look in the light of day; we have seen how quickly our fears can manifest our reality, and how, sometimes, the things that we desire are the things that we fear most. Honesty comes front and center as the truth is exposed; get clear about your current circumstances, accepting the reality of your situation. If you have been contemplating a leap of faith, begin to integrate the pieces of your life and move towards what you believe can bring you happiness. Throwing off shackles of the past could be necessary, but must be done with kindness for greatest success. As we prepare to step into new territory, Saturn will show us the terrain; whatever arrives now is a direct result of where our internal compass has been pointing.

Saturn will be recrossing old territory until mid-November; spend the next 3 months ironing out the kinks in your plan. Don't waste time berating yourself for past choices; your boundaries offer the framework that can bring the necessary steps for your success into view. Take responsibility for your shortcomings, acknowledging that any recent disappointments or losses come with a lesson attached. Do your best to continue to love yourself beyond your circumstances; every obstacle is an opportunity to deepen your self-acceptance and grow your self-worth, creating a more solid foundation on which to build your dreams. Focus on the changes you wish to make in your life; what habits or patterns could be revised or renovated? What truths could be enhanced? What must be accepted in order to free up your energy for future growth? Which pieces of your past have made the future bright? How can you shift your perspective in order to see your world in a more pleasing way? What are you still holding onto?

Get clear about existing circumstances and any limiting judgements that still need to be addressed; spend time alone to clarify your truest desires. Grow in your integrity; own your weaknesses and your strengths, allowing the answers you seek to arise naturally from within you. Explore the faces of your gods and cuddle up with the truth that you can believe in. Honor your relations; do what you can to be there for the ones you love and treat others as you wish to be treated. Communication is key, so come from the heart for greatest success; use words to resolve your issues, letting diplomacy transcend previously insurmountable walls. Spread wisdom amidst the chaos, sharing higher ideals that can support our transition; be a lighthouse for others to sail safely through the storm. Get real about things and ready to do what you can to ensure that your future bright; make peace with the unknown, letting it open you up to possibilities you have not even begun to envision.

A lunar eclipse arrives in galactic Aquarius on the 18th, electrifying our circumstances. Earth changes arrive, emotions are heightened and revolution comes to the foreground; the pace increases and our desire for freedom grows. Channel any aggressive or confrontational energy that arises into transformation that you have been avoiding, but be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. This is the first of three eclipses set to arrive over the next six weeks; get a jump start on the changes by beginning to think outside the box, pacing yourself for greatest success. Wait out any confusion; let recent experiences sink in, recognizing that each plot twist is part of a grander plan. 

Take a moment to explore any conditioning for the patterns and habits that are keeping you small; what lesson is completely unique to you and currently requiring you to evolve? Seek out support from those in your greater community, finding a balance between your own authentic power and what can be achieved when you reach out to like-minded compatriots. The next few weeks may be bumpy, so surf the winds of change as best you can; be optimistic and forward thinking, trusting that any surprises are designed to deliver you to better things.

Political games and strategic choices take center stage in the world at large. Voices of protest rise up from the masses, calling for justice and liberation; the pressure is mounting and things could go off like fireworks. Let the warrior for peace within, awaken you to how you can help on a grand scale; champion a cause, dedicating yourself to promote change. Hold hands with all of humanity, working to heal existing hierarchies and walk a mile in each other’s shoes. Anything making you excited in the present is a good place to begin preparing for the future; do your best to do right by the world, following flashes of insight that inspire you to contribute in ways you never previously imagined.

The influence of technology becomes apparent and it may be hard to keep up with the flow of data; If your nervous system feels depleted, shut off the TV and step away from any electronic devices. Get outside and listen to the sounds of nature, letting the world fill you with her beauty; harness yourself to the stars at night and soak in their wisdom, returning to the natural rhythms of things. Take a moment to reconnect to what matters; in the vastness of it all, be grateful that you are here, now. Try on a version of yourself that choses only to believe in things that empower you; let your eccentricities out to play and become a maverick, allowing new visions of success to well up from within. Fill your days with thoughts, words and actions that grow a garden of greatness within you; create a rebellion, fueled by grace and covered in tribal tattoos. 

When Mercury spins retrograde in analytical Virgo on the 30th, issues of health and healing, communication, transportation and the land on which we stand, arise. Get back to the basics; deal with the mundane aspects of your life, looking closely at your plans for any pieces you may have missed. September will open with a new moon eclipse in Virgo and the coming month is lining up to be a critical turning point along our path; as you get ready to commit to changes that have been brewing, expect to spend the weeks ahead covering new developments surrounding old territory. 

Make the most out of confusion by sticking to the facts; any complications that arise now are due to the devil in the details. Quiet the voice of negativity by seeking out intimate comfort and being of service when you can; there will be plenty of opportunities to lend a helping hand in the weeks to come. We may experience endings or the loss of important figures in our greater community, and people could arrive from the past to remind us of what we have forgotten along the way. Keep your plate as clean as possible, trusting eclipse season to create circumstances you cannot foresee. 

Meditate on the steps needed to get you where you want to go; watch events unfolding with detachment, choosing to take an objective view. Life was never meant to be fair; it is a lesson designed to teach us that our thoughts are powerful beyond measure. Set the intention of using your mind to make yourself feel good and release inner criticism around the way things "should" be done. Review early memories that shaped you into the person you are now; who taught you how to treat yourself? Where did you learn to draw the line in the sand? How well where you taught to honor your most sacred spaces within? Explore your ability to tend to your own needs and how well you care for others, listening to the messages you receive.

Relationship harmony and our ability to compromise to the foreground. These are dynamic times that may put some of our close relationships to the test in order to discover whether they are aligned with who we are becoming. Examine any recent internal changes and how you will begin to play them out in the world at large; focus on the brass tacks of getting your message across. Use poise and authenticity to lessen tension, communicating your needs with kindness for greatest success.

If you are feeling confused or pessimistic, get some exercise and clear your head; let your heart guide your mind towards the ideas with the potential to fulfill you. Allow yourself to fantasize and blow your wishes to the breeze, imagining the millions of cheeks your dreams will have kissed by the time the day is done. If the earth is shaking, sway in the wind; should the rains come down, dance in the mud puddles. Step back and take in the bigger picture so that you do not to lose sight of the forest, for the trees. Return to the joy that is found in the simple things; fill your home with last wild flowers of summer or catch a sunset from the greenest and most gorgeous place around. Spend time in the garden and plant what you trust to grow, renewing your faith that life is still beautiful. 

All my love and pura vida,


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As July opens we are steeped in the changes and summer is in full swing. Things are finally starting to move forward; we are feeling optimistic and ready to take a leap, yet must first complete any unfinished business at hand. A reckoning has arrived due to the recent station of Mars direct, exposing the truth of our situation; the path ahead is littered with what must still be confronted or transformed on a personal and global scale, and any circumstances that have knocked us down may require a period of adjustment as we work to realign.

Avoid escapism and stay in the here and now; spend time in nature and get away from it all, regaining your bearings and integrating the first half of the year. Find peace with the past by bringing it into perspective; reflect on the choices that you have made in response to the hand that you were dealt, and acknowledge that you are more than a sum total of the things that have happened to you. Be as honest and integral with yourself and others as possible; everything occurring is designed to deepen your authenticity. If find yourself engaged in a battle of the wills, stay neutral; when the time is right, communicate your truth in order to create clarity, doing your best to deliver your message with eloquence and grace.

Begin to take action, making new choices that are in greater harmony with where you are wanting to go. Acknowledge that your thoughts manifest your reality and release the belief that you cannot have the life that you desire. Keep your eye on the things that you want to create, focusing on changes that can deliver you to the most satisfying destination. Any newly emerging space in your world holds the potential for a future dream to come true... fill each day with as much joy as you can, remembering that how you FEEL is the key to truly living.

The new moon arrives on the 4th in watery Cancer, heightening our emotions and bringing any issues regarding family and home to the foreground. Focus falls of our intimate life and the connections that we hold dear; sensitivity is heightened. We are all recovering from the weight of Mars retrograde; some may need to just get away, take a break or have a little fun, while others could be reeling from devastating blows. Be gentle to each other and do what you can to nourish yourself. There is a season for everything under the heavens; trust you will ultimately begin to make sense of it all. Spend time by the shore, letting the waves wash away the past; sleep under the stars, lulled by the lullaby of nature. Nest, spruce up the home and nurture yourself, making time for some much needed self-care. Do whatever you can to feel good about things and ready to face the future. 

If you have been avoiding circumstances that require effort in order to shift, gaze rationally upon the obstacles in your path. If you clarify your feelings, you can resolve issues that have, until now, seemed insurmountable. Explore how to solve your problems by viewing them from a different perspective; are you disappointed with where you currently find yourself? Do you judge the choices that brought you to where you are today? Any parts of your world that currently seem unsatisfying are available for an upgrade; what worries or doubts are you ready to confront? Is there sadness from the past that still needs to be processed? What inner demons are you ready to release? Can you be vulnerable? Do you feel like you belong? What crutches do you use in order to “be” in the world? How can you change your role within your community in order to alleviate stress? Do you believe that the universe is aligned with delivering you what you desire? Have you tethered your success to another, due to a belief that you cannot manifest your dreams on your own? Can you trust that the future will be bright?

Fear is running strong over the next few weeks, so make sure that you do not retreat when courage would be a more evolved response. If you feel like others are in attack mode, protect yourself; spend time with those that adore you, putting aside any harmful relationships until you are feeling ready to stand our ground. Become centered in your truth, letting how you really feel propel you; review any circumstances in your life that make you feel less than lovable and do what you can to evolve beyond them. Don't waste time stressing about thing things that you cannot change; be realistic and get to work, seizing the opportunity to transform what you can. Clear the decks and return to the basics; repair the things that truly matter now, giving everything else the space to breathe. Accept what you must, allowing new hope and new life to naturally emerge. 

Grow your self-image and self-respect by making choices that leave you feeling happy with yourself; expect that things will work out, trusting fate and synchronicity to deliver any missing ingredients of your success. Resurrect old passions that can revive your belief that the future is brilliant. The ground is ready to be fertilized with the seeds of new beginnings; you are free to let your life grow weeds or turn your world into a work of beauty. Show up in the present moment and move authentically, filling your heart with Hope. Plant kindness wherever you go; make a wish and honor the yearnings of your soul, remembering that home lies wherever the heart is. 

When Venus and Mercury meet up in Leo mid-month, everything changes. Passions are heightened; energy may be frenetic now as the fiery planets work to release what no longer serves us, enhancing our belief in what we deserve. Transformation is in the air and surprises could arrive, designed to show us the path ahead; honor the signals and the signs, doing your best to quell any unfounded worries with gratitude for the gifts you are receiving. Seek out experiences that will leave you feeling optimistic, allowing yourself to be led towards moments designed to ignite your mind and refresh your spirit. Move slowly; accidents are possible so watch your step, both figuratively and metaphorically, in order to avoid a mishap. 

Focus falls on our commitments, exposing hidden truths that still need to be addressed; look closely before you sign on the dotted line, making sure that you can stand behind what you are agreeing to. Avoid doing anything that you do not want the rest of the world to know about, as others will be quick to discuss your affairs. Get centered around your desires; how can you exert you will in order to achieve success? Find a balance in your dealings; step away from technology and align your creativity with what is highest and best for all. Make sure that you are what you stand for; if put your best foot forward, moments of brilliance are possible. 

Build works of earthly beauty, sing passionate poetry, paint the skies into being; get to sharing your heart as romance fills the air. Be courageous with your admiration, spreading appreciation to anyone in your path; honor the royalty within and around you, treating others as you wish to be treated. Offer advice to those who need your assistance, and receive any kindness that comes with graciousness. Hold a hand, give a hug, act affectionately and show support; communicate with soothing words and touching imagery. You are Alive; be bold and beautiful, gamble on life and let love win. Do something daring during the second half of July, before the details of life require your attention. 

When the potent full moon arrives in Capricorn on the 19th, passions flare; do your best to stay grounded instead of swinging to extremes. Work to handle all the pieces of your life, finding a balance that nurtures you and satisfies the world around you; fulfill your responsibilities as efficiently as possible, and make the most of your spare time. 

Our desire to show the world what we are made of increases. Move beyond impetuous behavior and split second decisions, acknowledge that timing is everything. Listen for the right moment to arise, exerting patience and maturity for greatest success. Explore what you can do in spite of your circumstances; this is where the magic lies. Forget serving yourself now, think about your gifts and how you are meant to help the world at large. What talents have you brought to assist our awaking? 

Anger and restlessness fuel this lunation and challenges arise in the face of fear or opposition; be reasonable in your expectations of yourself and others in order to avoid disappointment. We are all in this together; steer clear of conflict and do what you can to keep the peace. Focus on what matters, so as not to caught in the crossfire. 

Strip down the structural bones of your life, examining the home within; what headspace are you living in? What walls are you using to define yourself? Are you happy with your inner dwelling? How much of your self-esteem is derived from others appreciation? If all outside influences went away, how would you feel about yourself? What is worth repairing and what would be best let go? What makes today worth living? 

Juggle work and play; get ahead by focusing any free time on joyfully manifesting the things that can seal your success. Exert inner strength to grow beyond any habit, pattern or addiction that is standing in the way of your future; feel your way towards your goals and fake it till you make it. 

Step out of the box, seeking innovative solutions to long standing problems; Be authentic, infusing your ability to accomplish with infectious creativity. Use any newfound self-confidence and optimism to get out and have a little fun; unlock your libido, inviting latent sensuality out to play. 

Your life is your art, and an artist never creates the same thing twice. Be daring and chart a new course, let your hair down, put on your pioneering boots and explore the landscape for spiritual gold. Sometimes it is not about where we are going, but just enjoying the ride; at the end of this journey, who do you want to be celebrating with? 

Electric Uranus spins retrograde on the 29th, and circumstances spin on a dime. We have arrived at a crossroads; the future is beckoning and surprises may appear out of left field that alter our trajectory. Revolution is in the air; we yearn to exert our freedom and break free from any chains that bind. The energy is explosive now, so lay low and roll with the punches; there may be game-changing events or we may find our lives altered by circumstances in the greater community. The energy that has been building comes to a head, and daily routine could get scrambled in order to force us to let go and move into new territory; stay flexible, trusting that a course correction might be necessary. 

Look at your life objectively; you cannot control what happens to you, but you can choose your response. Are there any limitations or "ruts" in your life that are making you feel confined? Explore the choices that created your circumstances and what can be done to evolve them. What must be released in order for you to feel lighter and excited about the possibilities? Seek out time for self-reflection and follow your intuition for flashes of insight; moments of brilliance and clarity are possible. 

Let higher awareness guide you towards divine synchronicity, designed to refresh your soul and propel you into the future. Be honest with others about who you really are; stop trying to fit into boxes and begin to attract what you need. Make the most out of what you have been given by remembering that we do not get what we want, we get what we believe.

Balance out the craziness by spending some time intimate time with others, drinking it all in. You can be the change or be changed; as the fires burn, ride the waves with finesse. Let your hair down and shoot for the moon, even if you cannot see her. Rebel against anything that is keeping you small; shine bright, lighting up the sky like the stars. 

All my love and some pura vida,

Ash  ❤️

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