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Happy super Blue blood moon lunar eclipse in Leo, sweet world!

As January draws to a close, a potent lunar eclipse arrives in kingly Leo on the 31st; the universe is preparing to through its cards so get ready to roll with the punches.

This super blue blood moon lunar eclipse in Leo is a rare occurrence, signifying a major turning point on our path. A super moon occurs when the moon is closest to the earth and having a greater affect on our emotional bodies; this is the last super moon of 2018 and the predominant themes that arise now will play out globally for months to come. A blue moon speaks to the infrequent occurrence of two full moons in one calendar month; there will be another blue moon in March of this year, and the month of February will not have any full moons at all. The term blood moon describes a series on three consecutive total lunar eclipses that cause the moon to turn red; this lunation is the first in a series that will come to completion in 2019 and the last time we experienced a blood moon was in 2014. The last super blue blood moon eclipse occurred 36 years ago, and the last one to occur in Leo is not even recorded in the history books.

This date with fate will affect us each of us on a personal and global level; Leo is a fixed sign and the effects may be delayed. Over the coming weeks emotions are heightened; some things will come together and some things will fall apart, as the energy conspires to draw our focus to the areas of our life and our world that now require us to grow. World leaders and global struggles for power are highlighted.

Eclipses occur to remind us that we are co-creating with what we cannot see; karma is at play, an awakening is at hand and secrets could come to light. The shifts and changes required will happen whether or not we actively chose to participate and some may feel like circumstances have appeared of left field; if you find yourself in the wake of sudden upheaval, trust that you are in the right place at the right time, receiving lessons designed to redirect the course of your life by evolving you beyond whom you have been. Adjustment on the evolutionary path is par for the course; the future is uncertain, but all of the pieces and players are falling into place. Take on as little as possible, remembering that life is what happens while we are busy making others plans.

Leo rules our ability to lead and stand in our power, our gifts, our ego and the needs of our inner child; the Sun in Aquarius asks us to find the place where our unique gifts and talents fit into the complicated array of existence; what fuels your heart? What satisfies you? What requires courage? What makes you feel passionate and alive? What gifts did you come to share with the world? Do they bring you closer or farther away from your greater community?

Evolve the way that you view your world or the space that you have been occupying in it; separate the wheat from the chafe and get a jump start on the future by reflecting on your past, what have you achieved in the last 6 months? What has life handed to you and how have you handled it? What do you feel would satisfy you now? What have you always thought you wanted, yet may now realize you do not need? What are you willing to do to be happy?

This full moon is the second full moon this month to oppose loving Venus, putting our desires in opposition to our need for safety and security. The moon represents our connection with our mothers, our foundation, our emotional habits, our intuition, the past and our memories and how we nurture and protect what matters most. Venus indicates our feminine side and our ability to give and receive; it rules our relationships, our love and our money, denoting our ability to attract what we desire. This lunation will polarize these energies so that we can work to heal the feminine side within; some may grow painfully aware of their tendency to sacrifice their own needs so that they can care for others, while others may feel caught between the preservation of what they already have and the evolution of their needs and deeper yearnings.

The moons aspect to Neptune will create hypersensitivity and some may cling to outmoded belief systems in the face of evolving information as issues of security arise. Safety cannot be found in anything concrete, as forms will always fall in order to give way to innovation and evolution; true safety lies only in our beliefs. Your opinion of your life has everything to do with where you place your thoughts; do you believe that the universe is aligned with getting you where you are meant to go?

Seek to mature your vision by surrendering your expectations and accepting your current circumstances with grace. Return to balance by moving away from what you cannot change and focusing on what you can, shifting your perspective to one that empowers you.

The past year has delivered great change in our personal lives and the world at large that has left many steeped in the unknown; we are learning that no one is going to rescue us and it is up to us to save ourselves and our Earth. As you prepare for new beginnings, any wounds that require healing will rise to the surface, asking to be addressed. Life happens; work to find forgiveness and compassion for what has come to pass. Do your best to see things clearly, without the gloom or the glory. Confront habits that act as a crutch for dealing with life’s harder circumstances, avoid blaming others and let go of victimization; stand in your strengths and refuse to see yourself as powerless, releasing any stories that keep you small. The time is ripe for transformation that will open us up to new ways of feeling and being and the way forward involves a leap of Faith; find solace in the parts of you that cannot be destroyed.

Grow your enthusiasm by letting go of old aspirations to make room for visions that are more aligned with who you have become; work through any resistance around the way things are by giving yourself over to a higher power. Be grateful that you are you are protected and guided by benevolent forces, wishing to assist you in your highest evolution; use your senses to navigate the conflicting energies, trusting that you are being led down the path, whether you can see the road or not.

Reward is possible if you follow your heart and respect your natural authority to make choices that will benefit the highest good. Satisfy your own needs by looking into your future with eyes that can see potential for boldness, openness and growth; remember your passions and spend some time doing the things that you love, allowing sunlight to fill in the shadows.

The archetype of the mother is reiterated by the full moons conjunction to mother bear Ceres, who represents the mother in our own lives and the planet on which we stand. Issues of motherhood, the role and plight of women in modern society, women rights and the rights of mothers in the workplace may all arise now as we seek to expand our roles of nurturing as a global community; the rules of feminine and masculine are blurring as women and men trade parenting roles, and any single parents' whose job it is to both nurture and support may find themselves in overdrive as they attempt to get it all done.

Our Earth comes front and center as issues of environmental toxins and airborne disease, extreme weather and natural disasters, home, security, our borders, our food, our resources continue to arise for review; Ceres rules our feminine cycles, our ability to conceive and the ability of our crops to yield harvest, raising the question of our modern lifestyle and its affect on our hormones and fertility.

If your body is currently in need of healing, listen for the internal direction that you receive from your gut; increase awareness of the food that you eat as sensitivity to what you consume is becoming paramount. Support your system with organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables, eat meat that is hormone free, strengthen your immune system with vitamins and herbs; protect yourself from viruses by taking oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract or lysine. Discover a balance between your spiritual growth and the health of your physical body by seeking out the place where your mind and your body merge.

Take a look at what you have been hiding behind so as not to feel vulnerable, using this opportunity to free your mind from the defenses that you continually play out in order to protect yourself from your fears. Pay close attention to your bodies’ signals and signs so as not to get caught in a web of your own making; observe your emotional responses and investigate the parts of yourself that you often avoid. Look closely at your connection to the natural forces and listen to your intuition for guidance towards gentle surrender; can you understand the messages that come through your senses? Are you paying attention to your bodies signals and the signs? Where do you feel your connection to divine inspiration? Have you learned to hear the voice of the Universe?

Begin to prune away at the past in order to create room for new growth and new life, viewing any circumstances that arise as stepping stones to your ultimate success. Use this time to prove your worth and value to yourself, accepting the imperfections in the world around you with compassion. Answer the call to increase your earth awareness, learning how to nurture and care for the planet beneath you. Share generously the gifts you were given, offering your talents up for others to receive. Dance with the winds at play, laugh and grow young for an hour or two; let the romance in and appreciate the moments of tenderness, cultivating an attitude of gratitude.

The road ahead is packed with opportunities that were designed to awaken you; seek out experiences that require courage and have the potential to leave you feeling on top of the world. Fill up with joy, being bold, beautiful and brave when your happiness is at stake. Dust off forgotten dreams with the ability to inspire and gravitate towards the things that makes you smile. Release the past, recognizing that it is not where you are going.

We are in the process of creating history and you are right where you need to be; throw your story into the fire and fertilize the earth below.

A brand new chapter is opening, how are you going to greet it?

Manifest the most out of your circumstances by reveling in the blessings.

Align with your heart and fall madly in love with your Life; co-creation just means saying thank you.


All my love and pura vida,


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