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Happy super Blue blood moon lunar eclipse in Leo, sweet world!

As January draws to a close, a potent lunar eclipse arrives in kingly Leo on the 31st; the universe is preparing to through its cards so get ready to roll with the punches.

This super blue blood moon lunar eclipse in Leo is a rare occurrence, signifying a major turning point on our path. A super moon occurs when the moon is closest to the earth and having a greater affect on our emotional bodies; this is the last super moon of 2018 and the predominant themes that arise now will play out globally for months to come. A blue moon speaks to the infrequent occurrence of two full moons in one calendar month; there will be another blue moon in March of this year, and the month of February will not have any full moons at all. The term blood moon describes a series on three consecutive total lunar eclipses that cause the moon to turn red; this lunation is the first in a series that will come to completion in 2019 and the last time we experienced a blood moon was in 2014. The last super blue blood moon eclipse occurred 36 years ago, and the last one to occur in Leo is not even recorded in the history books.

This date with fate will affect us each of us on a personal and global level; Leo is a fixed sign and the effects may be delayed. Over the coming weeks emotions are heightened; some things will come together and some things will fall apart, as the energy conspires to draw our focus to the areas of our life and our world that now require us to grow. World leaders and global struggles for power are highlighted.

Eclipses occur to remind us that we are co-creating with what we cannot see; karma is at play, an awakening is at hand and secrets could come to light. The shifts and changes required will happen whether or not we actively chose to participate and some may feel like circumstances have appeared of left field; if you find yourself in the wake of sudden upheaval, trust that you are in the right place at the right time, receiving lessons designed to redirect the course of your life by evolving you beyond whom you have been. Adjustment on the evolutionary path is par for the course; the future is uncertain, but all of the pieces and players are falling into place. Take on as little as possible, remembering that life is what happens while we are busy making others plans.