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Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, Sweet World*

The solar new moon / black moon eclipse set to arrive on 21st in fiery Leo is a powerful force that is calling for renewal and rebirth; choose to use this energy wisely.

We have arrived at a crossroads and the future is beckoning; this lunation will affect each of us in a personal way and has the potential to deliver into greatness those personally triggered by the location of the eclipse points in their natal chart. The last degrees of Leo can bring fame, fortune and great wealth, anger, war and violence in our personal lives and the world at large.

On a higher level Leo asks that we own our right to stand in the Sun and create, be playful and have the courage to follow our bliss; any circumstances that exist because we have been playing it safe could get compromised now, as we are pushed to come into our power.

Do your best to avoid drama by practicing what you have learned; choose to conquer your fears by being radical in your approach and sacred in your consistency. Build a bonfire to burn away everything that is preventing you from deeply feeling your pleasure and exert your right to get excited about what is to come. Open your eyes to the magic that is eminent; a major change is in the offing.

Mercury is still retrograde, indicating that the way forward starts with freeing ourselves from chains that bind and conquering anything that has been holding us back. Begin by closing chapters on the past and allowing the possibilities to brew; surprises may appear out of left field that alter your trajectory and daily routine could get scrambled in order to force you to move into new territory. Stay flexible and keep your eye on the details, as they could get lost in your desire to color outside the lines.