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Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, Sweet World*

The solar new moon / black moon eclipse set to arrive on 21st in fiery Leo is a powerful force that is calling for renewal and rebirth; choose to use this energy wisely.

We have arrived at a crossroads and the future is beckoning; this lunation will affect each of us in a personal way and has the potential to deliver into greatness those personally triggered by the location of the eclipse points in their natal chart. The last degrees of Leo can bring fame, fortune and great wealth, anger, war and violence in our personal lives and the world at large.

On a higher level Leo asks that we own our right to stand in the Sun and create, be playful and have the courage to follow our bliss; any circumstances that exist because we have been playing it safe could get compromised now, as we are pushed to come into our power.

Do your best to avoid drama by practicing what you have learned; choose to conquer your fears by being radical in your approach and sacred in your consistency. Build a bonfire to burn away everything that is preventing you from deeply feeling your pleasure and exert your right to get excited about what is to come. Open your eyes to the magic that is eminent; a major change is in the offing.

Mercury is still retrograde, indicating that the way forward starts with freeing ourselves from chains that bind and conquering anything that has been holding us back. Begin by closing chapters on the past and allowing the possibilities to brew; surprises may appear out of left field that alter your trajectory and daily routine could get scrambled in order to force you to move into new territory. Stay flexible and keep your eye on the details, as they could get lost in your desire to color outside the lines.

Many factors associated with this eclipse suggest it may take days, weeks, or months to see a visible sign of the changes we sense are occurring; keep doing the work, knowing that, inevitably, we will each experience an event that will signify a transformation has taken place. Let the old you gracefully fall away and the new you radiantly emerge.

Leo activates the royalty within us and asks us to champion ourselves, clearing away any ancient patterning that has been repressing our true nature; advocate for yourself, confronting inner obstacles head on. Become shamanic in your approach; breathe your troubles in and become one with what that scares you, acknowledging that pain is magnified by trying to distance yourself from the things that you are afraid of.

Unearth the pieces of your past that hurt you or left you feeling small, exposing your wounds like a warrior, ready to receive the healing light of day. If it seems too much to handle alone, seek out medical attention and spiritual support that can help you to transform what has been living in the darkness.

Confront boundaries to your happiness by looking for the gifts that accompany each lesson; anything that has burned to the ground offers you a better view. Temper the fires in your life and the world around you with tenderness; look beyond the growing pains and start again with as much innocence as possible.

The conjunction of the North Node to the solar eclipse degree further heightens the importance of this astrological event, pointing us towards people and circumstances that are necessary for us to get where we are intended to go; in the months ahead we may be confronted with what we have been consciously or unconsciously attracting and karmic circumstances are possible. People from the past could reappear for another go round, and lessons previously on the table could return for greater understanding and resolution.

Start to explore how you relate, how well you listen to your own truth, and how capable you are of hearing and honoring the needs of others; question how you treat the people around you and what you require in order for someone to earn your loyalty. Strengthen your ability to connect with others by figuring out who you can truly count on, as friendship is more important than knowing who your enemies are.

The lesson now is to appreciate each other and find greater balance in what we give and what we receive; trust yourself to attract the people and circumstances that support the light within you, making space for a more universal version of love and equality to emerge.

This eclipse is divinely timed and designed to guide us towards our ultimate success. Relax control, realizing that what is meant to be yours will ultimately fall into place. Honor yourself with every choice you make, trusting that you are always being led towards the goodness.

Weed, prune, and plant your dreams, growing your world organically from below. Shut off the technology and allow the sounds of nature in; be caressed by the breeze, feel magic dripping from every moon soaked tree, see the courage of a flower, watch the sunset licking the shore. Then harness yourself to the stars at night and cultivate a working understanding of their wisdom.

Take a moment to appreciate what has been completed; the time has come to turn a corner and step into fresh territory. What are you ready to manifest?

In the vastness of it all, be grateful that you are here now; the key to the Present is just showing up.

Do something joyful, reverent, wise and ritualistic…

Ground your roots into the earth and roar your prayers like a Lion.


Each year our world experiences 2 to 3 solar eclipses, but this particular lunation has gotten a lot of publicity due to the fact that it spans across the United States and only the United States, reaching totality near the border of South Carolina on Monday afternoon EST. This has not occurred in 99 years in the continental US; it also falls on the rising degree of the United States Sibley chart and in the natal chart of president Trump personally, signifying that the United States and Trump can both expect major transformation in the months ahead ( but I am pretty sure we knew that already).

This eclipsed moon falls close to royal star Regulus and speaks to the reign of those in power across the globe. We are ready for a new version of kingly/queenly service in our world, and feel the necessity for those in power to be supportive of all people in our global community.

Much like waiting for a pot to boil, there are those who are hoping that this eclipse will help to right the balance or create change to the existing US political structure. There are many articles available that predict the potential effects of this eclipse on the US economy and political agenda, but what will happen is unclear. We are still in the midst of a Mercury retrograde that will not end until the 5th of September and numerous planets will cross the eclipse point for months to come; we can expect extreme weather and potential earth changes across the US throughout autumn.

Aquarius shows us any separation that needs healing and focuses on bringing our masculine and feminine energies into deeper unity. As technology begins to take on a life of its own, the degrees of separation between us melt away and our thoughts are reverberating deeply within the collective.

Evolution is in the air and voices of protest are rising up from the masses, calling for freedom and liberation; we are seeing enlightened ideas and social reform begin to dominate the greater community. Those who have always been ahead of their time may discover that they have arrived, and the world is finally ready for what they have to offer.

A new era is upon us; by our sheer Will alone, we are altering the course of our destiny.

If you set your aim and focus your intent, you just may start a revolution in the collective unconscious.


All my love and purrrrrrra vida,


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