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My first day in Paris...

My first day in Paris last year was one for the record books. I put on my sneakers and walked...subway to the Eiffel Tower, Tower to the Locks of Love on the bridge that I didn't know existed. Bridge to the Louvre, Louvre towards a steeple in the distance because I needed to use the Loo... And blocks later, when I finally went inside, a woman handed me a piece of paper and pointed me through the rectory. I opened the door to find the choir in practice - They were singing Amazing Grace. I sat down in a pew to listen and started to read the paper that I and been given. Turns out, of all the churches in Paris, I walked into The American Church of the Holy Trinity. There are flags lining the ceiling for every state in the US, and apparently somewhere in the Rectory there is a hand crocheted footstool for representing each state too. I look down after I read this to see if I have been lucky enough to sit in front of a State and wouldn't you know, there, at my feet.. the footstool representing the State of Connecticut. My home.


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