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Happy new moon in Virgo, sweet world

We are swimming in a sea of emotional circumstances when the new moon arrives on the early morning of the 20th in grounded Virgo, seeking to deliver us to shore.

This potent earth-oriented lunation draws our focus to the land on which we stand. The face of our globe is shifting and there promises to be more transformation in the months to come; we are already seeing the effects as political upheaval and devastating environmental changes dominate the landscape.

On a personal level we arrive at this new moon with a growing clarity. Virgo dreams of a perfect world and some may be feeling disheartened by the rift between what is ideal and the reality of current circumstances at play.

The details of our lives become magnified now; resist the urge to overanalyze your situation and try not to make problems bigger than they really are. Acknowledge any hidden wounds that arise for healing, doing your best to release disappointment with as much grace as you can muster.

Take a moment to explore your boundaries and how you care for your most sacred spaces within, retreating from any person or situation that has left you feeling less than lovable; work to let go of anger, fear and regret by dosing out extra compassion for your own imperfections and any perceived flaws in others and the world at large.

Your boundaries and limitations define the blue print of your potential; it is not what happens to you but how you respond that determines who you are and what you will become.

Distance yourself from your circumstances in order to see things objectively; at the end of the day the only person who's actions you will have to answer for are your own.

If your system has been depleted or recent events have left you feeling pessimistic, harness the earths’ energy to restore your system; slow down and grow reverent, enacting rituals that will replenish your reserves.

Virgo rules over our bodies and can help us to understand the place where we meet the physical world. Question what is in the food you eat, exploring how the things that you consume make you feel; examine the thoughts that you think and the activities that you chose to engage in.

Deepen your emotional intelligence with cleansing and purification, discerning what does not serve you and what must be left to bloom on its own.

Self-love is a process oriented sport.

Make a practice out of feeling healthy by learning to care for yourself one day at a time.

You are not meant to be perfect, you are nature and you were born to grow.

Use this new moon energy to fertilize the earth below, choosing to water a dream that has the potential to blossom.


All my love and pura vida,


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